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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Argh, what a weekend!!!

Sorry, dear blog readers, for my lapse in blogging the last few days. It's been a wild week.

First of all, the kid is doing great at school. One less thing to worry about. He loves it, has buckled down and is studying ALOT and loves AirForce ROTC. Yeah, Mike!

We had a contractor come out on Wednesday to take a look see at the house, oh, he came up with wonderful ideas and I really like him. This is going to cost big $$ I can feel it in my bones. It will be worth having it all done though, it will be the house of our dreams when it's over and done with. We are going to have ALL the windows replaced and the siding redone, some stonework on the frontporch wall and enclose the patio. The contractor wants to take my floor to ceiling front window and bow it out 2 feet and make a curved window seat. Wowser. He also wants to build a fireplace in the patio as we are going to have it be a 4 season room. I am excited and nervous about it at the same time.

The house in PA may have an offer but the couple is being a bit wishy-washy now, so that may have dried up. The house was shown 3 times in the last week, no takers yet.

On the stitching front, I received the most beautiful Halloween Sweetbag from Nancy K. She stitched a Trailcreek Farms pattern, and framed it with the coolest halloween fabric. I JUST LOVE IT!!! She also included 3 skeins of DMC in bright orange, green and purple, a pair of halloween socks, a sunflower scissor fob, an october ornament and a Twisted Thread Halloween pattern. Plus some candy. I AM so spoiled, I love it. I also received a beautifully stitched tuck pillow from Dawn for the Stitching Bloggers Halloween exchange. It's the coolest pumpkin, stitched in metalics (I don't know where you guys get the patience to stitch with that stuff cause it's the thread from HELL). I LOVE IT TOO!

I will post pictures tomorrow, it's been grey and rainy and there is no good light to show off my treasures. THANKS Ladies!!! I am blessed beyond belief.

As far as stitching goes for me, I worked on my exchanges. I finished my Halloween exchange piece, not happy with it, I should have just made an ornament out of it but I wanted to make a little pillow and the sides curved inward. I am tempted to take it apart and try again, but I am afraid that I will REALLY mess it up. Then I will feel really bad. I was trying to do a ruched ribbon around the edges, it came out badly, so I cut it off. Looks like cording for me.

I worked on my sweetbag too, it's coming out good, at least the stitching part. Construction may be another matter.

My autumn exhange needs to be put together and the my sampler house is almost done being stitched. I am a bit stressed right now with all the obligation stitching.

And I also have a cold.

Ok, enough complaining, it's almost Monday and it's back to work. We had to move to a new location, so that's what I've been doing for 2 days. I am all moved into my new desk. Actually, I like it. I am by myself and I have a window. I don't like the fact that my back is to the aisle and I don't hear anyone coming up behind me, so I get startled when someone comes in the cube. I am going to have to change that, otherwise I am going to die from fright. Plus, I am afraid that I am going to get caught surfing the 'net...

Well, enough, I hope everyone had a great weekend and a lovely new week. Pictures soon.


Dawn said...


I am SO relieved that it finally arrived. I was beginning to wonder if I should re-stitch something and send it to you. I am glad that you like it! I had a lot fun stitching it for you.

Chelle said...

Hi Joanie! The house ideas sound lovely! I'd love to have a 4 season room. Go for it! About your halloween exchange pillow, I don't think you should worry about it. Several of the blogs I surf have pictures of pillows with sides that go in. Don't be too hard on yourself! I think pillows like that are just fine. :o) Sorry your ribbon didn't work out. I tried cording and it didn't work out! I may send mine nekked. LOL It sounds like you have more obligation stitching than I do, and I'm plenty stressed. Hang in there! This is FUN, right? ;o)