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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blog hopping this morning

This morning, I went blog hopping. Oh my! I was overwhelmed by the posts of finishes and rooms and stash acquisitions. Mercedes in Spain posted pictures of her stitching room and I think that I could move in there! She has a beautifu library and has set up her room so creatively. I love the way she has displayed her finishes and I love her sampler wall. I must do something with my *craft room*. What an inspiration!

I am also in awe of Patti in New Hampshires over one stitching. I don't do over one because I would get so frustrated frogging my piece. I can't seem to count even when I use my fingers so ripping out over one stitches would drive me nuts. Seeing how beautiful and tiny her finishes are makes me want to throw caution to the wind and give over one a try. I'm thinking seriously about it, Patti, and if I need help I'm calling you!

Danielle has posted stash acquisitions that prompted me to go out and buy, buy, buy too! Yesterday, the postman left me packages, YES! I got my order for some Goode Huswif charts and some Trilogy Halloween pieces. I am now waiting on an order from Silkweaver for Lakeside Linen.

I have to say that I want more time in my day. I need to stitch 24/7. There are so many cool things to create and I get such satisfaction from stitching. It's cheaper than therapy and I come away with beautiful things for my time. Thanks Ladies for enabling, inspiring and challenging me!


Danielle said...

Oh nooo, I am prompting you to spend money. I am very naughty. No doubt, though, someone first prompted me....Isn't Patti's over one stitching nice? I can only handle a very little at a time. FOr me it is more of a chore. And I also love Mercedes stitching room--so lovely and elegant!!

Patti said...

LOL that's the temptation with reading blogs Joannie! Jump in on the buying and over one stitching! Practice makes perfect I say.

Mercedes said...

Thanks Joannie for your kind words about my stitching room. REally I like to add stitching things to my room and some quilting lately.
Thanks Danielle, " lovely and elegant" I like those words.