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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Sweetbag on Legacy BB

This is my sweetbag that I made for Joanne.

I had a blast making it. I combined 2 designs from Blackbird designs Trix or Treats and I love how it came out. The black cat fabric is from Debbie Mumm and the other is a black calico. I filled it with a bunch of goodies, Godiva chocolate, Jelly Belly's Monster Mash jelly beans, a pair of spooky socks, a Brittercup Halloween pattern, WDW cotton in appropriate Halloween colors and 2 miniature halloween goodies that I painted.

I am glad that Joanne was happy with it. It was fun to be creative for a change!


Patti said...

Joanie, Ilove your sweetbag came out! Very clever to combine designs and I love the cat fabric. I sewed my cording on with thread - not the prettiest of jobs. I put the looped end at the bottom and then attached a tassel. Then I just left the ends tied in a knot with some fringe. Clear as mud? If you need better details, let me know.

BeckySC said...

Hello my friend :) :)
Love your sweetbag :) It looks SUPER :)

Been missing you :)

BTW-I could/can see your autumn decorations pics just fine :)

Isabelle said...

Wow, everything is lovely in your exchange! That sweetbag is so cute and the goodies... You bet Joanne was thrilled!

Chelle said...

Your sweetbag is awesome! Love the design and fabrics.

cathymk said...

This is Fabulous, Joanie - congratulations!

KarenV said...

Your sweetbag is so cute Joanie :) I love that black cat design - congratulations!

Karoline said...

Your sweetbag is gorgeous Joanie, congratulations

natty68 said...

Thats lovely - I love your sweetbag :)

BTW - do you have the link to the legacy board, or is it the Legacyembroiders board..?