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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Well - Blech!!!

Ok, so I walk 45 minutes on my treadmill between 3.5 - 3.8 mph for the past 3 nights in a row. I didn't go overboard and screw up my diet royally, like I have in the past. So, I am thinking that I would have lost a pound, right? NO!!!! I GAINED A POUND! There is no justice in the world. I have been stuck playing with this yo-yo 2 pounds for the last freaking year. Up 2, lose 2..up 3 lose 2. I can't get past this weight no matter what I do! I journal, count points. Clean horse stalls, walk, paint an entire 16 x20 foot family room by myself and I gained a pound last week (which I deserved to gain cause I ate pie and Mike was home)and now, another one this week. I don't know what I am going to do! I am so frustrated right now. Yeah, yeah, I've lost 30 pounds...give or take that damn 2 pounds that won't just LEAVE! But I have another 30 pounds to lose to get to goal weight and be free of paying $12 a week to stand on the scale. I thought that this would be over by now. But NO! I just want to cry. Damn menopausal metabolism....

OK, enough ranting....

But I did get a lovely exchange gift in the mail. Sylvie from France made me the most wonderful little autumn of her very own designs. She stitched it over one on a very small count linen. And she sent me one of her heart patterns and some beautiful overdyed floss...made my day! And took some sting out of the weight gain. Thank you Sylvie, I love your beautiful gift to me.

I mailed my Halloween exchange today...I am glad that I finally got it mailed. It came out ok, I put a lovely ribbon hangar on the top of it and it didn't look bad after I finished it. I also included a couple of Halloween goodies, one that I painted. I hope that my partner likes it...

Now, I will be concentrating on my Legacy Sampler House exchange and the Stitching Bloggers Fall/Autumn exchange. I am really excited over the Sampler house piece I chose to stitch and I particularly love what I am going to do with the Fall/Autumn piece...hee-hee. And you know what the best part is about this? I have the same partner for both of these exchanges so I could do something related. And I want to spoil this person, cause she has been very, very kind to me.

Then it's off to finish my Halloween Sweetbag. I am 3/4 done with the stitching, so I am looking to finish sewing it together this weekend. I did take my machine in to be serviced but I have a back up if it doesn't come home in time. I got a bunch of really nice stitching treats to go in the bag this is a fun exchange too.
Actually, ALL of the exchanges are fun, I love spoiling my partners.

Well, I got to get off the computer now, my dog is freaking out. He is old and I don't know why he is whining....and now barking. He's deaf so I can't figure out what he heard...LOL!!!


BeckySC said...

Hey there :) :) :)
Oooh, sounds like you received some lovely exchange pieces...can't wait to see them.. (HINT HINT!!) ROFL!!!

Have missed you :) :)

Chelle said...

The exchange pieces all sound beautiful!

I can completely relate to your weight woes. Hey, maybe that pound or two is MUSCLE! :o)

Ashleigh said...

About the diet - are you sure you are eating enough?? Sometimes we don't eat all the calorie allowance we have and then bodies shift into starvation mode.