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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Meme

Pinched from Liv N to play along?

Candy cane or peppermint patties? Candy canes.
Sugar or gingerbread cookies? Sugar cookies. Love the smell of them baking. Mom would make dozens of them and we got to put the sprinkles on them.
Tinsel or beaded strands? Neither, I have this fluffy garland stuff made out of tinsel.
Multi-colored or same-colored lights? Multi colored. The Cadet insists.
Wreaths or mistletoe/holly? Wreaths, fresh pine wreaths, please.
Rudolph or Frosty? Frosty! Snowmen. Love those frosty fellows!
Sledding or snowball fights? Sledding- growing up we went sledding at the Pumphouse (it was the place where the town would pump water from the Ohio river, clean it up and that's what came out of the kitchen tap. Anyway...there were terraced hills. It was a great bumpy ride with a 2 foot drop onto the Pump house driveway where you could sled to the river.
Snow or ice/icicles? Snow!
Snow hat or earmuffs? Snow hat even though I feel dorky wearing it.
Getting or giving? Giving…but getting is always fun.
Snow days or plow trucks? SNOW DAYS!!! But sadly, I can flex so when the roads clear, I'm off to work, late.
Stockings or presents? Stockings. Like Sue's Mom, my Mom always put fun stuff in our stockings…trinkets and nuts and an orange in the toe. The best presents were art ones for me. I always got a box of crayola crayons (the new crayon smell brings me right back to Christmas) and a coloring book. Then there was the year I got a watercolor paint set. Oh geez, I was in heaven.
Cookies & milk or letter to Santa? Cookies and Milk.
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas Eve. It's a magical night for me. When I got to be a teenager, my Mom and Aunts would take me to Midnight Mass. We'd walk the 5 blocks to church no matter what the weather...they didn't know how to drive! But I don't ever remember being cold. It was magical, walking the neighborhood looking at the house decorations and trees in the windows of the houses we passed.
Log Burning Channel or real thing? Is there any question? REAL!!!
Cards or e-mails? Cards… it's like sending a small gift in the mail.
Shoveling or cleaning off the car? Shoveling. Great work out. Besides I hate cleaning off the Explorer. It's big and I'm not. I need a ladder to clean the windshield.

Feel free to play along...nice Christmas/Winter memories...thanks Sue!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Crayola 64...with the built in sharpener! I think I got a box 5 years in a row. Oh and a pack of pencils in the stockings were standard too. What fun memories!