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Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's been occupying my time

First of all, here's a picture of Olivia after she terrorized SweetieGirl, attacked my stitching and played with a chunk of wood for most of this morning. She jumped into the office chair about 5 minutes ago and promptly turned "OFF".

I joined a group, Seasonal Ornament SAL, that's stitching ornaments throughout the year. Vonna started it and the first ornament was to be for Thanksgiving. Ok, so Thanksgiving was LAST month...sue me. I chose the cornucopia from Prairie Schooler's, Autumn Samplers, and personalized it. I stitched it over one on 28 count Lambswool Lugana. It's tiny.

Lately, I've noticed that I am grousing more and more on what I don't have instead of being grateful for what I do. I am doing my best to be grateful for what I have and not to worry about what I don't. It's very hard for me cause deep down, I am a MATERIAL Girl. No, I am not Madonna, but I do like expensive things. Over the years, I've toned down shopping almost to the point of hating it. But when I do shop, I have a tendency to blow through a lot of cash in a short amount of time. This will be made into a pillow ornament and put where I can see it. ALL THE TIME.

Progress on Beatrix Potter.

I got back into her and I know I shouldn't work on her until the first of the year when the SAL officially begins but working with silk is a guilty pleasure. Bea is the only sampler I have in the Wip pile that's in silk now so when I need my silk fix, I go to her. Plus finishing motifs is like instant gratification. I am almost 1/2 done with her. Her sister is waiting in the wings to be started after I finish her.

Last is Blessings and Kind Wishes.

I hate the thread. And no, I will not get it finished for Christmas cause I hate the thread. I force myself to work on it. And right now, in the frame of mind I am in, forcing myself to work on a sampler that I am not enjoying is, well, just stupid. I will guilt myself into working on it (probably in small doses) so it will get done.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures and the wrinkly fabric. I just couldn't bring myself to dig out the iron and set up the ironing board.

So, there. I've been stitching. Next week, I start my glorious 2.5 week vacation. After Wednesday, I will be off until January 5th! YIPPIE!!! So I will be doing a lot of stitching and I will be working on some Christmas gifties. And finishing decorating and starting to bake. I am so looking forward to this time off.

I'll be more active on the ol' blog too so come back again. Thank you all for coming by! I AM grateful for all of you!


connie said...

Hi Joanie..Are you sure your not telling tales on Olivia she looks awfully sweet and innocent in the picture..LOL!!
Nice ornament..I should join too but I have 3 things I am commited to now and I don't want to overload myself..
Beatrix Potter is looking good..Connie

Melody said...

Joanie, your stitching is lovely. How envious I am of you talking about your time off from work.

I usually have time saved to take in December, but not this year...enjoy it!

Love your Beatrix Potter stitching.

Jeanne said...

I'm not a "cat person", but have to admit that Olivia is adorable!

Your stitching all looks great, and I'm really liking how Blessings and Kind Wishes is coming out. Too bad the thread is so bad to work with!

Enjoy your vacation!

Vonna said...

I absolutely love the ornament :)
COOL! And your Quaker - AWESOME! And the piece de resistance is that Blessings and Kind Wishes...WOW...Joanie - LOVE IT!

Giovanna said...

Such a pity that you're not enjoying B&KW, because it looks gorgeous. As does the rest. Not to mention that lovely, content puss!

Karoline said...

Olivia looks the picture of innocence there!

Gratitude is lovely and all your wips look great.

Sylvie said...

What a cute picture of your kitty :)

Miss 376 said...

She is so innocent, definitely not capable of such mishief!, lol

Glenna said...

Oh, dear, I have the same problem with shopping. I'm a hate-malls, hardly ever shop person, don't dribble it away but spend it all in one fat burst. And have far more expensive taste than my pocketbook can support. Thank you for critiquing the WDW threads on Blessings and Whatsit--I have that sampler, but I haven't started it yet, so I'll keep the GAST threads and do a little swap of the others too; I find them crispy also, and they snarl abominably.
I love silk also, and hav a few going--I tend to neglect the others.