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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh for Pete's Sake

I just want to change the template on my blog. I want a winter / Christmas theme. I went to the site that I downloaded my current template and Ifound a lovely design. I followed the directions and uploaded it. But Blogger gives me a weird error code. So I decide to go to another site and download a new template. The template loads behind the current one. I am pretty frustrated. It shouldn't be so difficult to change a *8&##@*#***! template. As it is, I have to my cut and paste all my blog links back into gadget page.

I'll have stitchy photos for you tomorrow. I am not in the mood to attempt to upload photographs. I've worked on BBD's Blessings and Kind Wishes and Where My Heart Blooms. And a couple of ornaments that look like blobs. Not too much progress on those.

Oh, I've tried to stitch but my kitten will not allow me to do much needlework. She is a lap cat and when I try to stitch, she grabs the linen with her teeth and her paws (claws extended). I am afraid she's going to put a hole in my work. And, she will hook the thread with her paws too. I think I stitched a grand total of an hour between Friday and Saturday. Usually, I stitch an average of 10+ hours.

And we named her....Olivia. Her name just came to me and it fits.


Laura said...

Joanie, you should check out the blog templates here:

There are some cute Christmassy ones and they are soooo easy to install. Plus, they don't mess up any of your gadgets.

Sue said...

Hi Joanie,
Wordpress has a nice Winter Scene and you can add falling snow (just until January). The snow takes up a little memory but I thought it was cute. There are others where you can add in your own header which I use. It is frustrating and time consuming to learn the ropes and then only to find there's a possible bug. All part of the curve I guess.
Speaking of cute...Olivia is a very nice name.

connie said...

Hi Joanie..I think Olivia is the perfect name for your new kitten..Connie

Miss 376 said...

I have the same problem with mine, wondering how long he will take to grow out of it. Olivia is a beautiful name