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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bea & Stash Haul!!!

Before we get to my Stash Attack, I wanted to share my latest Bea picture.

Tonight,I finished the 3rd motif on the right side and stitched the tree in the swan motif that's underneath and to the right of the Token of Love motive. I love how this is coming out and I hope that I'll have a finish in the next couple of months.

Now,for my Stash Haul! My Stash Haul came yesterday from Stitches N Things. I really went overboard buying (it was retail therapy at it's finest) and I love, love, love all my purchases!

First of all, for many, many moons, I've lusted over Abigail Colby's Work Basket.
This is A Cheerful Mind:

The sampler goes underneath the basket lid.

And these are the smalls that go into the basket: And lastly, this is the Workbasket: I have a Nantucket Basket that I bought for a song at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. The only problem is it's a 9" diameter basket, not the 8" one called for in the pattern. It's ok, the pattern calls for 40 count fabric and I don't think I'll be stitching on such a small count. I am thinking 36 count. I hope it won't be too big to fit on the lid... Assembling this piece will be a challenge.

I broke down and bought most of the Blackbird Design pieces too. I didn't buy the stockings but I may break down to get them too. Next pay.

Wild Rose Journal Cover: Small Token:
My Heart is True:
Bluebird Thread Keep:

And I did refrain from buying Carriagehouse Samplings, Spot the Horse, and Salina Schultz.

One other thing before I go...I will have pics soon a pincushion that I made for the Prairie Schooler Exchange. Just waiting for my partner to receive it.
And one other thing, do you dream of having *collections* of stitched pieces? I'd love to have a sampler wall of Alphabets, School Girl Samplers and Quakers. And I'd like a wall of samplers that feature houses. And a Noah's Ark wall, a redwork wall and a featured designer wall like the Drawn Thread or Goode Huswife.
So what about you? Do you dream of walls featuring your *collections*? Do you have one now that you could share?
We saw the Cadet and the Lovely Jenna this weekend too. I didn't broach the Sampler Question yet. I am chicken. I am afraid if the idea gets a cool reception, I'll be heartbroken.
We went to lunch at Carraba's Italian Grille, so yummy! It was a very fast visit, the DH and I wanted to trade trucks with the Cadet so we could get his repaired here because he wouldn't have any transportation unless we left him our truck to get to school and to work. I think we spent 3 hours with him and 6 in the truck going up and back. At least there was no snow to deal with.
Anyway, thanks for hanging in here with me and my stash haul pics. I hope you have a great week and had a wonderful, productive stitching weekend. I did, I have Numb A$$ to prove it!


Miss 376 said...

What a haul that is! Fantastic. enjoy every minute stitching it all

Brigitte said...

Your Beatrix looks fantastic and you just need a couple of motifs to finish her.
What a stash haul. I love every single piece you bought. Enjoy!

samplerwench said...
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connie said...

I love all the stash you bought..and Bea looks great..I have thought of stitching her..maybe I will sometime..I want to finish up some other things first.Glad you got to see the cadet and Jenna..makes it a nice day.

Nicole said...

Great stash haul! I love that basket! I haven't seen the sampler that goes under the lid before! It's so pretty!

Lee said...

Your progress on BP is great!

Ho did some serious shopping! Love the Abigail Colby stuff. It's gorgeous, and isn't it great to get something that you've wanted for so long? And all the BBD charts, too? Fantastic.

I keep mulling over that BBD stocking series in my head, too. I think I need to see them in person and assure myself that I can actually finish-finish them. What are your thoughts?

Giovanna said...

Lovely progress on the sampler - and I just loved seeing your new stash: great choices!

Von said...

Primo stash there, Joanie!

Siobhan said...

Great stash haul, Joanie! Love the work on the BPQ, too. YGG!

Yes, I dream of various stitched themed walls! Mostly A&E but I'd love some other ones, like a Noah wall, more Quakers, etc.

StitchinManiac said...

Love your progress on Bea! Yes, of course I dream of walls of samplers, in all different themes. I'd really like one wall that changes with the seasons, but I'm finding that it works better for me to switch out a few things here and there, rather than an entire wall! I love the stash too. I'm expecting a stashy delivery in the next week or so.

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

congrats on your stash haul Joanie! I love seeing everybody's purchases - I find things I "need" of course. Bea is looking great. Unlike you, when I get to 75% done I tend to go into a slump and can't get around that last corner to the finish line. I have no idea why. I hear you totally about the wedding sampler. I made a special baby quilt for a niece who had her first baby. I got back a thank-you card thanking me for the "lovely shower gift" and that's it. When you put so much into a gift you expect a little more appreciation of how much work you put into it vs going to Babies R Us and buying a gift off of the registry list. Just my two cents' worth!! I don't stitch or quilt much for others anymore - have had too many of these experiences.

Casa Pearl said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your stash. I love and covet everything you bought - we have such the same taste! Great progress on Bea. And you just need to ask the lovely Jenna about the sampler instead of agonizing - be done with it either way girl!

samplerlover said...

Hi Joanie,
What a lot of beautiful stash you have got. I have always loved the Avril Colby sampler. She is beautiful. It's always lovely to get something that we have always wanted.
It should look lovely both in your basket and also as a sampler on the wall.
Glad you had a lovely time with The Cadet and Jenna. It's such a pity that it takes so long to get there.
With the sampler, just play it by ear. That will probably be he best way. - take care - Sandra.

Anonymous said...

All that new stash is wonderful...cant wait to see some of it done. Bea looks great too...I have not done any quaker designs but I am really really wanting to.