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Monday, March 02, 2009

A Question for You!

Hi all,

First of all, thanks so much for visiting me at Joanie's World. I really appreciate all your comments and I love looking at the Feedit thingie, just to see where you are are located. Thanks for all the nice comments on Bea too. Tonight, she got a rest cause I picked up This is the Day. I am working on the alphabet on the top of the sampler. It's taking forever. I stitch a few letters and then do the backround stitching. Tedious, but good stitching when one eye is on the TV.

I love BBD and I seem to be stitching more and more of their designs so I was thinking...

I am thinking of starting a Blackbird Designs exchange group similiar to what BeckySC does for the Prairie Schooler exchange. I'd run the exchange very similarly to the Prairie Schooler exchange, you would stitch a BBD or a portion of one of their patterns, your choice of pattern and finishing. The stitching time would be an 8 week cycle through the year or even quarterly. You wouldn't be obligated to stitch the whole year, just during the cycle that you want. And maybe for the last exchange of the year we could stitch something holiday...I don't know, the ideas are churning and bubbling in the old cranium. The piece would have to be finished before sending and you would be responsible to replace it if it doesn't reach it's owner. I'd set up a special blog and it would be by invitation only.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in joining?

If you think you would be interested, please post to this entry. I'll check back on Sunday and if there's sufficient interest then it will be a go!

Thanks gang!


Miss 376 said...

I would be interested, they have some lovely designs

Leah said...

I would definitely be interested.

Lee said...

Sounds like fun! I'd do it!

Mayté said...

I think it's a great idea. Count me in!!

Craft-i-leigh said...

Hello there! Just hoping you could answer what has now turned into a bet between my friend and me. First I was just seeking advice, then it kinda turned into a survey, now a bet. I am new to the world of stitching and have been browsing various blogs to try and gain some knowledge and get some tips / ideas. I originally started with a stamped, then counted “kits”. I’m working on my 2nd chart and have noticed some big differences in floss types and quality.
My Cross Stitch Mentor has told me that I’m ready to graduate from Aida, but I really like Aida. Maybe it’s just beginner’s comfort???
If you would answer my question… What type of fabric or fabrics do you prefer and why? Brands and counts?
I would appreciate any advice, thanks!

busywife said...

I would love to do an exchange too!
Thanks again for my pin pillow. It is very cute.