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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hey! I'm here!

I am sorry that I haven't been a good blogger recently. For awhile, I was posting fairly regularly and then I had my mini-meltdown and went and had a small pity party.

Life is sure interesting in Chez 90%. Huh, you say? Well, there's a story about the 90%. On Thursday, my company cut all salaried employees pay by 10% for this quarter and possibly next quarter too. Manufacturing employees didn't take a pay cut, they are working a 4 day week. The company took away their match on my 401k that went to a 101k after the recession hit and now, it's just a k. No raises either. I am glad though, it could be worse. I could have a 100% pay cut. I AM Blessed and I am thankful!

But hey! Let's talk stitching now!

Disclamer: Sorry about the crappy photos. I didn't drag out the iron. Please disregard the wrinkles and the hoop marks.

Earlier this week I worked on Bea.

Only 7.5 large motifs to stitch and 2 very small ones to go till I get to dance. Can you hear the bagpipes tuning up? And the tubas and bassoons? They're getting ready! I think I may have a happy dance by the end of May at this rate. Stay tuned. My band is!

Remember when I said I was stitching a pillow for Valentines Day? This is as far as I've stitched:

It should look like this sometime in this decade:

But I took some liberty with my version because the DH has been stitched in my heart for about 34 years now. This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary.
I have to say that the border on this little pillow gave me fits. And I'll have to do some re-arranging to get all the motifs in. So, I guess you could say that I used Beth's pattern as a springboard for something totally unique to me.
Lastly, I caved and started a new piece (rolling my eyes). I was going through my stash to decide what I want to sell and give away cause my tastes have changed and there are things that I know someone would love. I came across a bunch of Merrily Beam charts from the 90's. I love them! They remind me of Prairie Schooler and Mary Garry.
So, since we love to feed the birds and that special species of bird, I decided to start Feed The Birds:
It's a fairly fast stitch in DMC. I am stitching it on my 2nd favorite linen, Flax. This is 36 count.

So, that's all from Chez 90%. I hope you get a Stitchy Sunday. Today it's very sunny and it's supposed to be in the 50's so I may go out and clean out the flower beds. Yesterday, the DH and I steam cleaned the living room and bedroom carpets. Out with Winter! In with Spring!
Oh and one more thing!!! Please sign up for the Blackbird Exchange! We have 8 talented stitchers so far and it's going to be very fun! You do not have to commit for the entire year, just the exchanges you want to play. I am working out a couple of cool ideas for my piece.
So come on! JOIN THE FUN!!!
Once again, thank you all for following my blog and visiting. I am very blessed by my cyber friends! Have a wonderful week. I am going to count my blessings and my stitches. How about you?


Laura said...

Hi buddy! I am so sorry to hear about your company and its pay rate change, etc. That is so horrible. I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

I too am getting ready to downsize some stash; only stuff I don't like anymore. BUT what was in my pile??? Feed the Birds! Now I am keeping it and will do it because it looks so cute on your blog!!! Thanks!

Thanks again for our swap. I just love what you picked for me and I think I will do the Frou Frou in DMC 930 (my fave color!)

When I get my trade stash blog ready I will let you know first because I want you to be able to pick something out that I can just send you okay? (actually just yesterday I found out that I have 2 of the same chart. It is PS Prairie Birds). It is SO CUTE. Let me know if you would like it because I would be happy to send it to you!!!!!! (it is a semi-gently used copy).


Miss 376 said...

Getting ready to cheer your finish! Love feed the birds, look forward to the next update

Siobhan said...

Sorry to hear about the 10% pay cut. The government did that here, too, to all the civil servants.

Love your Bea & Feed the Birds!

Melissa said...

OMG, Joanie, you and I are so alike at least when it comes to stitching! I recently found the Merrily Beams too (I haven't bought any yet) and was thinking the same thing! I will be watching you closely (your stitching I mean). I will send you an email later just to catch up!

Brigitte said...

BP looks so good and is nearly done. Isn't it nice to have a finish in sight?
I love your new start, what a nice little design. When I see a chart with Feed the Birds on it I always get the feeling that I really need it, lol.

Deb said...

I just came across your blog today. Love your start on Feed the Birds and your other pieces.

Giovanna said...

I'm so sorry you got hit with the pay cut.

Your stitching looks great, you're really getting along with the sampler.

Karoline said...

Sorry to hear about the pay cut.

Bea is looking gorgeous, I'm getting ready to dance with you

busywife said...

Sorry to hear about your company but glad to hear that it isn't a total job loss! I'm looking forward to starting the BB exchange!

I was reading your personal information and thought I would share that I have a cadet also. He is a big younger though. My son is 15 and is part of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program.