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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodness, time flies

It's been a week or so since I posted. I hoped to be better about keeping you up to date on the minutiae of my life but well, life got in the way!

We've been busy. The Cadet had an other accident, this time with the DH's truck. So, two accidents in a month. We will be in insurance hell for quite awhile. Now we are dealing with repair shops, insurance adjustors, claims, the Cadet and the FILs. Fortunately, no one was injured (except for a certain Cadet's wounded pride). Unfortunately, the truck suffered a possible fatality. We are waiting to hear the fate of the dear vehicle. Will it go to the truck hospital for major reconstructive surgery or will we bid it a fond farewell as we send it to the junkyard? A few days will tell. The repair shop is evaluating the truck's injuries as we speak.
We've been truck shopping and if the truck is truly beyond repair then we've narrowed it down to a couple of vehicles.

I did breath a sigh of relief though, Jenna's parents were wonderful through this ordeal. The Cadet stayed with them for a week and they graciously offered advice and a kick in the pants when he needed it. Also, they fed, watered and sheltered him. I am grateful and very blessed by such caring folks. It had to be an inconvenience to them to have an extra someone living with them. If this is any indication of how they will treat him after he is married, the boy is all set!

On the stitching front, I've worked a little on Bea (I am getting a bit tired of her right now). I only have 7 motifs to finish. But they are big motifs. All along the bottom row and the rose one. I've been thinking about how I am going to frame her. I have to say though, the DH doesn't like her color. He isn't fond of burnt orange and he's wondering where I will hang her. He really doesn't think she fits in any of the rooms we currently spend most of our time in because of her color and I have to agree. So, I think Bea's going to live in the hallway to the bedrooms. There is a wall between the main bathroom and the doorway to our bedroom which is the perfect size for Bea. I threatened to hang her in his soon-to-be new office but I got that hairy eyeball. He said that Bea reminded him of a map of the world. I didn't even want to ask him where he came up with THAT analogy so I bit my tongue.

I also worked a little on some things that "Shall Not Be Shown". And I am planning The Wedding Sampler. I haven't actually worked myself up to starting the WS, mainly because it will be a BIG sampler and I am getting tired of big projects which require a ton of time.

Oh! We've got 13 stitchers signed up for the Blackbird Designs Exchange! Please, if you are interested in Round One, hurry and sign up! Round One signups close April 1st!

So that's about it from the corner of my world. Thanks for stopping by. I'll have some photos posted tomorrow, promise.

How's life in your space?


Anonymous said...

I'll be following the Blackbird Designs blog. Even though I can't sign up right now, I can't wait to see all the stitched pieces.

Diane said...

I hope no one was hurt in the accident. One of our clients' sons (I'm in insurance) had 2 at fault accidents in 2 days last October and his premium is so not pretty now. Prepare yourselves - tell the Cadet to start saving his money ASAP so it won't be such a bite when the policy renews.

Sounds like you're in the home stretch with Bea. I can hardly wait to see your finish. If you and hubby can't agree on a place for her when she's done, she'd be welcome at my house! I love orange, burnt or otherwise! LOL

Brigitte said...

Good that noone was hurt in the accidents. Everything else can be mended or replaced.
I'm very curious to see your Beatrix. Mine has also ablout 7 or 8 motifs left but it's on the backburner right now.

Casa Pearl said...

Glad the Cadet wasn't seriously hurt but sorry to hear about the damage to the truck. Can't wait to see what you can't show! LOL

Patti said...

13 is such an unlucky number sometimes that I decided to sign up too to make it 14. It was so good that nobody was hurt in the accident that's for sure. Love Patti xxx

Von said...

Time does indeed get away from us!

Too bad about the Cadet's latest accident. Insurance costs will be a sore spot with him for awhile. My DH had quite a few tickets on his record when we married and his parent's insurance promptly canceled us. It was painful to have to take on that payment, but he suddenly didn't get tickets anymore, lol. :)

Hazel said...

I've just found the BBD exchange blog and I'll be sure to check it out although I have too much commitment stitching going on at the moment. Lovely wips. x

Pam said...

Hi, Joanie. I wanted to introduce myself to you as a new reader to your blog. I look forward to reading you future posts.