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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Home makeover - A disturbance in the Force

Here we go again, a week with little stitching and feeling out of sorts. The home improvement project is not coming along and the DH is getting rather (ahem) annoyed. That's an understatement. Hence there has been a disturbance in the Force (in Star Wars terms) and we are both a bit out of kilter over this entire thing. There definitely is an underlying tension because the house is less than a quarter done. Mainly, it has to do with the windows. There is no word from the supplier to the contractor as to when they will arrive. And that's making the DH cranky which causes a big wave of disturbance. Additionally, the weather has been less than ideal (it's been cold and rainy) and certain lawn tools are refusing to cooperate. It just hasn't been a good week in our household. On a good note though, my garden is coming along nicely. I filled in some of the spaces with new perennials and I cleaned out one bed that is up against the house that was all weeds. Surprise! There were shrubs in there! I left it go thinking that I would get to it after the siding was put on the house. But since that hasn't happened and I could not stand that bed a minute longer, I took a hoe and a shovel and hacked away all the weeds. It took awhile to clean it out and the plants are much happier!

So, my stitching has suffered because I can not concentrate. I put in a few stitches in a Little House Needlework pattern called Americana but not enough to be able to share a picture just yet. I started this pattern last year thinking that I could have it stitched for the 4th of July I like the design alot but of course, I didn't finish it before the fourth of July. Actually, I hardly made any progress on it. So it got filed away and forgotten. While rummaging around for something else, I came across it and decided it would be a cute addition to some July 4th decorations. That is if I can get the oomph to work on it. Hopefully, I can have it done before July 4th this year! Cross your fingers!

So to compensate for my lack of stitching, I've spent a lot of time blog surfing, and I am inspired by a lot of the French gals blogs. I can't read French but I can pick out certain words. But the photos! Oh, my goodness, they are beyond beautiful! The creativity and finishing of the needlework is superb and is something that I would love to accomplish. Go check out some of them, I linked Vero's and Tempest Fugit on my sidebar. And then go off to their linked blogs to see what I mean. You will be amazed at their work!

On another note, Mike comes home tomorrow from Spokane. He had a blast at this ROTC opportunity. The test fighter flight was beyond awesome in his words. He loved it.
I will be glad that he is coming home, but he isn't cause he starts work on Monday...poor baby. I don't think that I will see much of him anyway as he has plans for his free time. Looks like Hotel Lintz will be open for business come Friday night.

Saturday is my birthday. I hope that I will get to spend some serious time with John Foster. I know that we are going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Yum! Anyway...I got to go for now. Happy Thursday everyone!


Nicki said...

Have a wonderful birthday on Saturday! Hope you have a great time and maybe get good home improvement news as a birthday surprise!

I agree with you about the French girls - stunning work but beautiful photos too. I know Vero's, but thanks for the Tempus Fugit link You should check out too :)

Von said...

Hi Joanie!
Those French gals were my introduction to stitching blogs! I was completely blown away in admiration not only of their stitching, but their amazing photography and presentation. I started looking at all the links and a few months later, started my own blog.
Glad your ds enjoyed his time in Spokane so much.
So sorry to hear about the lag in progress on your house - very irritating. Sounds like you found a good way to release some tension tho. I find pulling weeds good that way. :D

Lelia said...

Enjoy your birthday with J.Foster -- such an awesome project.