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Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekend work

It was a very cold weekend in New York. Gloomy and grey. My DH was beside himself because he couldn't cut the grass or go bike riding. It was 40 degrees. Was I complaing? NO! It was a perfect day to curl up and stitch. On Saturday,I was good and did some organizing in my craft room. I am rapidly running out of space though and that scares me a bit. Between painting and stitching, I don't have much room for any other hobby. Once upon a time, I thought about quilting, but I lie down until the feeling goes away. I did promise myself that one day, I will make a quilted wallhanging. I love Thimbleberries designs and I have a few of Lynette Jenson's books.

Anyway, I digress. I didn't stitch Saturday night as my DH and I spent the evening curled up on the sofa watching movies. We watched John Grisham's, Runaway Jury. John Cusack stars in it and I just LOVE him.

Sunday, the weather wasn't much better. So after Church, I plopped down on my sofa determined to finish SB's Twined Hearts. All that's left was the beading and the withdrawn work. I got through the first 2 areas of hemstitching but I royally messed up the last section. Grrr-rrr. I will need to remove and reweave new linen threads as I made a mistake somewhere in the borders. Two hours later and a lot of frustration, I put it away for now.

The evening stitching commenced after supper. I worked on John Foster. I really hate the linen that I am stitching this sampler on, the weave is very inconsistent. The threads vary in thickness a great deal and if I wasn't as far along as I am, I would begin it again. But as of today, I am about a third done with it. It's a great sampler and I find it relaxing to work on it.

I will post pictures of my progress and happy dance later. Stay tuned!


Patti said...

You go girl! And take a look at Danielle's blog - she framed her John Foster. Incentive for you to keep going.

Von said...

I've had to call a moratorium on hobbies too. :( Would love to get into quilting, but I just don't have the time - someday!!
Sorry you're unhappy with the linen you're using for JF. Just think of it as very fitting for the old-style sampler. :D

Cathy said...

Glad you found some time for stitching this past weekend!

At one time I thought I was going to be a quilter too, but then realized that it takes way too long to finish a project. I decided to stick with needlework!