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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Wow, the weekend was such a blurr! Friday night, Dave and I drove to Syracuse to pick up Mike who flew in from his most excellent ROTC adventure! He got in around 11:30PM but his luggage decided to spend the night in Chicago. We got home around 1:00AM and we were all bushed!

Saturday was my birthday which started out very uneventful. Actually, I was somewhat put out because it felt like just another Saturday. You see, and I know this will sound conceited, I LOVE my birthday. My Mom always made such a fuss over my brother and me on our birthdays. We got to choose what kind of cake we wanted and we got to choose our birthday meal. There were no chores that day either. We never had parties and we didn't have a lot of presents but Mom always made it special. And that's how they've been for me all these 49 years, so this Saturday was a bit too *normal* for my taste. But Dave and Mike made up for it in the afternoon. They gave me a gift certificate to my favorite clothing store, Christopher and Banks. They let me be a slug for the afternoon. Then we watched soccer, it was a wild game between Argentina and Mexico. For dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse where I got a lovely steak. Then we went to Circuit City to buy a wireless dodad for Mike's computer. Off to Wegmans for a cake, back home again for cake and a video. A very nice b'day indeed!

Today, I worked on LHN's Americana Sampling. I am about 1/4 of the way done with it. I like how it is coming out. The Cresent Color threads are great to work with and the natural linen is very sturdy and has an nice hand. I finished the top 1/2 of the border, the house, the word freedom and the flag. I like LHN's designs, in particular, a href="">The Rose Sampler. I have a number of LHN's designs in my stash. Home of a Needleworker,America,City Stitcher Country Stitcher and Two Red Houses.

I bought myself a punchneedle too and I like this design from LHN too. It's called American Saltbox.
I am so tempted to start a little punch needle design. I like the looks of the finished product, they are like little miniature hooked rugs. I know, I know, so many projects, so little time!


natty68 said...

Happy Belated Birthday for Saturday :) Glad you got to do "nothing" all day in the end.


Karoline said...

Glad to hear you had a great birthday

Von said...

Happy belated Birthday, Joanie!! We are almost twins as my 49th was on Wednesday. :D Glad you had a really great day of indulgences!

Red said...

Don't ever feel guilty for enjoying ONE day out of the whole year that is all about you! My Mom did the same...and Wegman's Cakes are to DIE for!!!! Happy Belated B'Day!!!!

Patti said...

Girl, are you surviving the weather? Hope you and yours are okay?