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Saturday, June 10, 2006

My heart is skipping a beat

I was perusing the bb's this morning and came across a post for the new Carriagehouse Samplings pattern, Village of Hawkes Run Hollow. This is a beautiful pattern and yes, I will be purchasing it!

I already pre-ordered the NPI silks from Stitching Bits and Bobs this morning cause there is a 25% sale going on right now. I have been pretty good about buying new things, I promised myself that I would only buy those things that I know I will stitch, I can't be collecting patterns just for the fun of it.

I have village of HawkRun Hollow in my stash on my short list of Big Projects. I dragged it out to look at it and at one time I thought about using DMC on it. The AVAS was way beyond my wallet and honestly, the AVAS still is too rich for my blood even though I love stitching with it. NPI is probablly a better way to go for this chart. I did read that some of the silk colors didn't convert well so I am sure there will be some substitutions going on.

Danielle also posted this cute finish of Prairie Schooler's bee hive gardening glove on her blog .
I also have this pattern and her finish is so cute, it made me want to stitch it right away. I resisted this urge for the moment, there are other things that I want to finish first and need my attention before I start another thing. If I finish Twined Hearts from Shepherds Bush then I will allow myself to start another small piece as a treat. Cause then I will have 2 UFO's finished and well, I deserve it, right? LOL!!!

Let's see how the rest of the weekend goes. I won't be stitching much this afternoon because I am working on my craft room. I want it to be picked up and organized before the new window goes into that room. The room got a little discombobulated when the in-laws came last week. I shoved a bunch of stuff that belongs in there but didn't put it away. That's what I am doing right now. Stitching will be this evening.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday, today it's so cold, it's like March. I bought plants for my flower bed, a bunch of perennials and a few annuals but I can not go out and play in my dirt. It's just TOO cold to dig in the cold earth!!!

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KarenV said...

I'll send some heat your way - it's 28 degrees here (82F) at the moment and it's too hot for me!

I posted about Village of HRH this morning as well, after seeing it on Legacy. It's a must-stitch for me - I never bought House of HRH and I think I prefer the Village on the whole. I love all the different elements in it. Gotta start saving up for the supplies now!