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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chez Bah Humbug!

Sorry I haven't posted in a week. It's been pretty ho hum here at Chez Bah Humbug so I decided that a little Christmas Cheer was in order. I decorated my sunroom, no big deal, a Martha Stewart feather tree and 3 little snowflake candle holders grace my console table. The nutcrackers are in formation on the kitchen shelf. The snowmen are still snug in their rubbermaid box. And the tree is still in the basement. But it's a start.

I wrapped all the pressies today. They are ready to go under the tree on the 24th. Just a couple of last minute things to get this week and I will be done completely.

I just got word that Lisa received my ornament exchange on SBEBB. I was really getting worried about it cause sending things overseas really, really make me nervous. But here's a picture of what I stitched for her along with the little gifts I included:

I began some Christmas stitching this week too. No pictures yet, maybe tomorrow or Monday. I began a Chessie and Me ornament from the JCS 2004 magazine, it's the little kitty with the candy cane tail. It's going to be my 2007 tree ornament. David picked it out cause it looks like his Sweetie-Girl. It's 1/2 way stitched. Tonight I started Hinziet's AirForce for the Cadet. I've had it in my stash for awhile and while looking for something else, I stumbled across it. It's a fast stitch, so no problem getting it done before Christmas. I ordered the frame too but I doubt that it will get here before Christmas so the Cadet will have to wait for it framed and hopefully, it will be framed before he goes back to school. Last minute gifts, gotta love them.

Tomorrow, I am going to my girlfriend's house for the 3rd annual cookie exchange. Really, it's just an excuse to eat and drink for the afternoon. I'll come home with 5 dozen cookies as a bonus. So, I will only have to make the obligatory sugar cookies, chocolate chip and peanut butter blossoms for the Cadet and the husband. I haven't made my exchange cookies yet, I am going to make Russian Tea Cookies. They are my favorite and I am glad that I won't have them hanging around the house as I am trying to lose the 5 pounds that I gained over the last 2 months. :-(

Last night was our Quality Engineer's Holiday get together. The QE manager hosts it at his home. We have nibbles and drinks. He always does the 12 gifts of Christmas. He throws everyone's name in a hat and then draws for each of the days. I won the 9 ladies dancing pressie which was a nice bottle of wine and a pair of Dr. Scholls gel inserts for my shoes. I had to do the *Dance of Joy* for the wine. The party was pretty fun. We have a good group and have a great time together. It makes it so nice to work with such a friendly bunch of co-workers.

I officially have to work 2 hours next week and then I am off until January 2nd. My plans are to get some of my house put back together as I have been extremely lax in the housekeeping department since the construction started. Oh, we may have windows in February. The contractor went to the Pella store on Wednesday to discuss *arrangements*. The Pella guy needs authorization from his home office in Syracuse to process the *arrangements*. I am waiting for confirmation from the Pella guy that he placed the order. I am still frosted that the contractor had the money for my windows 5 months ago but spent it on other work and now since he's in a serious cash flow situation, he doesn't have it. We are very anxious to get this project wrapped up and be rid of him.

So, I just wanted to check in and say hi. Hope you are having a great weekend and are snug stitching on your favorite project. Thanks for coming by!


Vonna said...

Your party sounds like it was a blast!
The cookie exchange sounds like it would be one too!
I hope your house gets wrapped up too, since its been such a sore spot for your family...that guy needs to be sued...

Karoline said...

Your ornie is gorgeous Joanie.

I hope that all your problems with the house get sorted out quickly now{{{Hugs}}}

Wendy said...

Hi Joanie! My first visit to your blog and I enjoyed reading it. Sorry to hear about your house troubles though. I hope you manage to find a little Christmas spirit to help you enjoy the holidays.

That looks like a lovely exchange you received in the mail!