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Sunday, December 03, 2006

It has to be contagious

The DH is almost back (HA) to normal. He's still taking it easy but pretty much he's doing what he loves which is taking care of the horses and bringing in firewood. He hasn't done anything strenuous, other than pick the horse's stalls. And (for once) he's doing it slowly and carefully.

I have picked up most of the heavy work in the barn. Which basically is hauling water. 5 gallon buckets of water to fill up the 5 gallon buckets hanging in the stalls. There are 2 each in each stall. Fortunately, the horses only drink about 5 gallons between the morning and the afternoon chores and then just about the same over night. I don't have to haul 30 gallons of water 2 times a day. But I still have to haul water. Which brings me too....DUM, DUM, DUM, DUM-M-M!!!


Yes folks I twisted my body just the right way when I was hoisting a 1/2 bucket of water to top off Peaches' stall buckets. I didn't feel anything right away but tonight, my back has gotten stiffer and stiffer. The big muscle on the left side says Ow-wie when I move and it is beginning to ache. Guess who's become my best friend? THE HEATING PAD!!!

Just goes to show you that after 27.5 years of marriage, you share everything. Even back pain...pff-t-t!

I did get a lot done stitching wise this weekend! I am really happy. I didn't do any house cleaning (S-h-h-h...), I only cleaned the bathrooms and tidied up the kitchen. I did laundry too. But...I stitched....John Foster on Friday & Saturday night. On Saturday afternoon, I picked up my paint brush for the first time in, umm, 5 years and I painted some Christmas ornaments for a lady that I did a home show for about 15 years ago. And, I painted a paper mache box for Secret Garden. First I decided to sponge paint it and it ended up looking like granite. Pretty cool but it really didn't go with the stitching. So this morning, I repainted it and distressed it, antiqued it and varnished it. The box looks like very old wood. It's pretty nice and I am happy with it. However, I am not so happy trying to mount the stitchery to the top of the lid. It's not cooperating. So I gave it a go and put it up for now. I'm going to have to come up with a different plan of attack.

This evening I picked up Prairie Year I and stitched June. I got the border done and the leaves and stems before I couldn't see anymore. I am very pleased with my progress and the stitching looks pretty nice for Miss Perfectionist.

I got to talk with Sue (Red's Thread) today. She called me to *chat*. I had a lovely conversation with her and I was very pleased to hear from her. Thanks for calling, Sue, you made my afternoon!

Well, I gotta go to bed. I can't believe the weekend is over.

Talk with you soon!


Vonna said...

Ouch! I hope your back feels better soon! DO you have his and hers heating pads?! LOL!
Can't wait to see your progress on John Foster and the box sounds divine! I love using papermache boxes and painting/distressing them...I bet it looks awesome!

Karoline said...

{{{Joanie}}} I hope your back feels better soon

Tessa said...

Oh Joanie, you poor thing. I heard that propping yourself up in bed with some pillows, a heated pad and some stitching will work wonders for a sore back!!!

Barbara said...

You are comical! I am laughing at your pain!! Seriously do take care of your back. Perhaps it's best to get some medical attention, just to be sure.

Any pics of your stitching/painting?

Von said...

Oh no, Joanie! Do take it easy letting your back heal. My dh recently went through a period of back pain too, but not as serious as your dh's. I'm so glad I'd bought a new heating pad last year! He's feeling much better now. Hope you and your dh are back to your regular routine soon. :D