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Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's A Deal

Good Saturday to you!

Sue (Red's Thread) and I will be doing a SAL of Carriagehouse Samplings, My Home Town. The catch is that we will not begin until I finish one of my Wips. I could have chosen something tiny or something I am almost finished with, but to be fair, I told Sue that I would finish John Foster.

I have a new photo of my darling that I took today to show you my progress. I spent this week ripping out and re-stitching the right side of the sampler next to the Quaker medallion. All of it came out because I had mis-aligned the vine and that threw off the small motifs beside it. While I was removing some of the motifs, I did find a few other errors. I do not know why I am so mistake prone with John. Right now, there is a color error in the center of the Quaker medallion. I am still debating whether to leave it brown or pull it out and stitch it in grey like the original sampler.
This sampler has been a source of joy and irritation over the last 9 months. Honestly, I didn't stitch on him for quite awhile after I realized that I had made a HUGH error when I began him. But I was smitten by him and when I saw a finished John Foster sampler that was stitched by Danielle (The Peacock's Feather) and I knew I had to finish him. If it had been any other sampler, I would have cut it up and thrown it in the trash.

This is the latest photo of John taken today:

I also wanted to post my Christmas ornament from the ornament exchange on the Stitching Bloggers Exchange BB that I received from Cindy (Adventures in X-Stitching). It's very, very beautiful and will hang in a place of prominence on my Christmas tree. Cindy also included a piece of holiday fabric, a set of snowman note cards, a Christmas List notepad and a handmade (so creative) Christmas card that had 3 skeins of DMC in Christmas colors tied to the inside of the card. She certainly spoiled me!

I haven't stitched today though, David and I went to Lowe's and Staples this afternoon and I put out some of my Christmas table decorations in the sunroom. I am pushing myself to decorate. I have no Christmas cheer this year. I believe it's cause our house is not finished and next week, David is calling a lawyer to see what our legal rights are. I am so sad about this whole affair. I got a call from the Pella store and the rep said that the order for the windows has to be placed by the end of the month because the prices are increasing January 1st. If I can't get the contractor to put in the order, then I believe that all bets are going to be off and we will be going to court. I can not believe that what was to be a gift from my Dad could be such a nightmare. It has been a year since we signed the contract. I am sorry to write about this but I feel better when I share it.

So, I hope you are having a great weekend, filled with stitching! Soon, I will be getting cozy with John Foster.

Thanks again, for visiting!


Red said...

Besides are on the home stretch on John Foster...well...if you see that you only have 3 main items left to stitch...I know time wise they will probably take as long as the top did. It looks fabulous!

Cathy said...

Beautiful ornament from Cindy!