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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You know, I could get used to this vacation thing...

Wow, I've been off about a week and a half now and I am just loving it. It's been one of the most relaxing times in recent memory. I decided that I would not bug the contractor for these 2 weeks, it was my Christmas gift to him to lay off the badgering. So, Merry Christmas, John.

What have I done with the last 10 days, you ask? Well...

I got to stitch. I stitched an entire Lizzie*Kate piece (Santa, We've Got Cookies) in 2 days flat. World's speed record for the fastest finish. It's very cute. I even painted a frame and added very cute handpainted gingerbread cutouts to the bottom of the frame.

I stitched Hinziet's Air Force for the Cadet. I am now waiting for the frame and hopefully (crossing my fingers) it will be framed before he goes back to school next week.

I also painted a very cute snowman candle holder. It's adorable. And I painted 8 Donald Duck ornaments for a lady who's son was robbed in Phoenix AZ the night before he was to move back to this area. The robbers cleaned out the moving van. That's right, the van was EMPTY when he found it the next morning. Among the things that were taken were his Christmas decorations...including his Donald Duck ornaments that I painted for his Mom about 15 years ago. So, I replaced them for her so that she could give them back to him this Christmas.
And I started looking at my painting books again but not to recreate the pieces but to stir up the creativity pot since it's beginning to bubble again.

It was very nice to be creative again. I sorta lost touch with that person awhile ago but she surfaced during this time and we got re-acquainted. I missed her. For the last 10 days, I strangely feel, well...WHOLE. Stitching is a lovely past time and I am very passionate about it. But there's just something about paint and brushes. It's this feeling of being able to unlock something from a piece of paper, wood or canvas that really get's me excited. Stitching is recreating someone else's muse, unless I change the design in some way which I do, sometimes. But painting is as individual as my handwriting.

Which got me to thinking...
I am truly toying with painting some things up and putting them out on Ebay. Sorta like sending up a trial balloon to see what comes of it. I certainly could use some extra cash and it would keep the creative girl from going back into hiding. I only have one problem and that's TIME. How do I fit painting into a jam packed schedule that includes a 50 hour work week, exercising, stitching and keeping hearth and home?

Well, I don't know the answer to that question but I think I may try finding out.

I just hope that going back to work to lead two disfunctional teams and working with a drama queen won't push these plans back into the dark.

I can only hope not.

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