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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Tempestuous Relationship - Indeed

John, John my darling, why is our relationship so tempestuous?

We have been together now for almost a year. I have stitched your motifs on John Foster 1885 using beautiful colors of DMC. Are you unhappy with my choice of fiber? Do you think that you are worth silks when your original stitcher used wool? Are you unhappy that I am using a limp linen, one who's color is grey flax and not a warm toned lambswool? Alas, I am heartbroken over our love-hate relationship.

Now, you have thwarted my efforts of stitching happiness because last night I discovered that all the work I did on you over the last weekend was for naught. The right side of the Quaker medallion is off by 3 stitches and the doves, dovecote and the words, Foster 1885 must be removed and restitched in their proper locations. I have stitched the upper portion of your sampler 2 times now.

Why oh why, John are you being so cruel to me?


Red said...

He sounds about as difficult as my last relationship!

Vonna said...

Doesn't that just take the cake...

Carol said...

Oh no!! I hope you and John make up soon! How is your back?