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Thursday, December 21, 2006 you like my new look??

Well, continuing in the effort to chase away the Bah Humbugs, I decided to change my template for the season. It's got a snowman on it so it's good til Spring. Do you like it? LOL!!!

Not much to blog today, I am almost finished with the Cadet's AirForce piece, unfortunately, I ran out of GAST Blue Jay which prompted a trip to the
I picked up the thread and some fabric (SHUSH UP, SUE!). And I had to pick up a framing job for my husband and it's the shop right next door so I just couldn't go to the framers without stopping by the LNS right? Right.

Short post, I promise more tomorrow, I have been painting Donald Duck ornaments for this lady that I did a home show for at least 15 years ago. They are cute but I am breaking eleventy-dozen copyright laws by doing it. Pictures tomorrow - I promise.

Off to the great WEIGH IN. It's going to be BAD. I am resigned. But the doctor read me the riot act on Monday, to WeightWatchers I go.

Talk with you all later!


Nancy K. said...

Hey Joanie:
Where did you get your great blog template?! I absolutely love it! It has such great holiday spirit.
Take care, Nancy

Vonna said...

Those darn doctors....they STINK!
I'll be right off to WW with you come Jan. 1 - scouts honor! LOL!
Who cares about the copyright laws..Walt's in heaven.LOL!
Have a great holiday!

Red said...

It's Winter perfect! Your blog template I to you soon.