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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Whine, whine, whine...

I would like a little cheese to go with that WHINE...omg, my last post was SUCH a WHINE!!!! I am so sorry that I invited you to that pity party...really, it was fatigue that was talking and take it from me, I am one tired puppy. I have only been sleeping about 3-4 hours a night since Dave hurt his back (this is from a girl who NEEDS at least 6 hours to be functional). Not that I am not DEAD when I go to bed but once I am there, my mind takes off and all the thoughts I've suppressed during the day just gush out and I can't turn them off! And 5:00 shows up really fast. So, most of the week, I feel as though I am in a fog. Thursday night, I fell asleep on the sofa at 9:00. I slept like the dead. But when I woke up, I felt like I hadn't had a restful night. I know this will pass once things pick up here.

David's back is getting better. He has overdone it these last few days and of course, I am annoyed at him. He's so frustrated that he can't do the things he normally does around here. So he tries and then pays for it. He's only got one muscle relaxant pill left..this will be the test. Will he go back into spasms or is he truly mending? EEK...stay tuned.

I worked on John Foster last night for about an hour. I stitched the word Foster, 1885. I really wish I would have started him over on a different fabric. I so dislike the fabric I am using. It's just limp. And with the varying thicknesses of the horizontal threads, it's a pain to count to be sure I am truly over 2 and not over 3 threads. But he's 1/2 way done so I don't think I'll be starting him over. In spite of the fabric, he's coming along nicely and I really LOVE him. I am smitten. I am hoping that I will get a lot of him stitched during my Christmas hiatus (yea! 2 weeks from work!!!) and either be done with him or almost finished.

I have put some thought into what I'd like to stitch next year. I know it's going to change, but do you want to hear my plans? I pulled out a bunch of patterns that grabbed my attention when I was filing things away during my Thanksgiving break. I have WIPS to work on too, and these are the ones that I'd like to concentrate on.

The Castle - Theresa Wentlzer
Normally, I do not stitch her patterns. But Mike asked me to stitch the dragon for him a few years ago and I started it for him. Really, I have it 1/2 finished. But see, I am not into dragons so I am having a hard time working on it. But for the sake of the DS, I'm going to give it another go.

Sarah Tatum - a hugh Quaker Sampler.
Sarah is my first Quaker. I've been collected Quaker sampler patterns ever since she became the rage last year. I love her too and I vow that I would finish her. I don't know if I will frame her cause I'll have to take out a loan to do it. She's a big girl!!

Beatrix Potter - another Quaker.
Beatrix is slated to go into my new room. I am stitching her with this glorious terra-cotta AVAS silk. She will look stunning in the room as terra-cotta is an accent color in there. I don't have a lot done on her, just a few motifs.

Prairie Year I - Prairie Schooler
This started as a SAL. I am stitching this pattern over one thread, my very first attempt at over one. I am on May. Got bogged down on all the color changes in the flower. I don't know how you ladies do HAED's over one. Saint-hood for YOU!

John Foster - of course.

And the wish-list patterns:

My Hometown - Carriagehouse Samplings
I am trying to entice RED to join me in a SAL. So far, she's tempted but hasn't committed...Come on Sue, you KNOW you want to stitch this with me next year!!!
(A little public goading may just do the trick...hee-hee!!)

Peaceful House - BOAF

Two Red Houses - Little House Needleworks
This is slated as my next over one project. AFTER Prairie Year is finished.

Armada - This is a french sampler
A memorial sampler for my Dad

Nellie's Garden Revisited - Homespun Sampler
A memorial sampler for my Mom

Elizabeth Pusey - Chester County Collection
Forever, I have loved this pattern. It's a safe bet that I'll start Elizabeth after I finish John.

March Hare - A Fine Collection, Blackbird Designs
There is something so whimsical about this leaping bunny that I need to stitch him.

Farmer Bunny & Mrs. Farmer Bunny - Fanci That
Another whimsical rabbit couple that's been on the list to stitch for forever. They are just too adorable and I'd like to stitch them together so they look like the couple in American Gothic.

I know there's more designs to choose from that I pulled out of my stitching closet but right now, I am somewhat brain dead and can't remember them.

There are an assortment of little things too that tempt me, and I am in one exchange this spring. And of course EVERYTHING is subject to change (and they probably will).

So what do you think of my plans?


Carol said...

So glad your DH is feeling a bit better. Wish we knew what caused this problem though. I have that March Hare in my "must stitch" pile too :-)

Cindy said...

Hope you get some rest this weekend...and that your DH is on the mend :)

That's a very good list of projects for next year! I have a list in my head that I need to commit to :)

Vonna said...

So glad that your husband is feeling fingers are crossed that he won't have problems once his meds are gone :)

Your list for next year looks wonderful...I've been thinking about mine too!

Tessa said...

Amazing how much better everything looks when you have had a decent night's sleep... hope you can manage to get in some rest and that David's back is improving.

I think you are amazing to make such a detailed list... I am in such denial about my stash that if I wrote it all down I think I would be horrified to see how much I have bought and not yet even started :) I'll just go and put my head back in the sand now....