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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well, sorry that it's been a couple of days since I last posted.

I want to thank all of you who emailed, left comments or just kept us in good thoughts and prayers over the David's back adventure. I appreciate all of you and it's so nice to know that there are those who care, even though we've never met face to face. I think that's cool and I AM BLESSED!!!!!!!!!

The DH went to the doctor on Monday and it went just like I thought...the doctor didn't know what happened but suspected that Dave slipped a disk because of the sudden onset of pain without pain in any other part of his body...but the doctor couldn't be sure..the diagnosis given was to take it easy and come back if the pain persists...DUH. And no, David did not meantion that he was sick a couple of weeks ago...MEN.

Dave's got a few days left of painkiller and muscle relaxant. He's still snuggling with the heating pad too. In the morning, he is quite stiff and he hurts alot. Then his back gets progressively better and the pain subsides to a dull ache. We don't know if that's happening because the pain is being masked by the meds or if he's really on the mend. Time will tell. Being the girl who's glass is always half empty, I believe that once the meds are gone, we will be right back to the doctor and then maybe we will get something more than a vague, *Gee, I don't know why this happened*. Like and MRI.

Anyway, he is getting tired of taking it easy. My hubby is fairly active, he does a lot of physical stuff and this is just killing him not to be able to do the barn work or bring up wood or do whatever manly things he does. Not to mention he's not happy that he's put on a few pounds since he's been couch ridden for the last week. Now that the feasting is over, we've both turned into bunnies because both of us have put on a few this last few weeks. He because of inactivity, me because of stress and not knowing what to do besides eat when I am anxious, depressed and scared. One would think after all the Weight Watchers meetings I've attending over the last 4 years I could figure out a way to substitute food for something else to give me comfort. Nope, this back thing combined with Thanksgiving gave me a liscence to eat. Somehow, I doubt that James Bond would be impressed and no, I will never be a Bond Girl.

I am really tired. Keeping hearth, home, husband, horses and job is a lot of work. I've haven't had a lot of down time this last week and I am getting crinkle-y. I am not complaining, mind's just taking a little bit to get used to doing everything. I never realized how much work the DH actually does around here until he couldn't do it anymore. And I'm impressed!!! And grateful for all he does.

On the stitching front, I am reporting that I have stitched a teeny bit over the week...I completed my ornament for the SBEBB exchange just about 10 minutes ago. Now I have to put it of joys, finishing is SO much fun! NOT...
And I worked on my love, John Foster, a bit...not a lot but just enough to give him those warm fuzzies and to let him know that he is still the cat's pajama's with me. Sarah Tatum saw my needle for the first time in forever too. I finished stitching the motifs about 1/2 way across the top of the sampler and almost 3/4 down the left side. Some of those motifs are hugh(!) and they are taking quite a long time to stitch. I read on Legacy that someone has finished the new Sarah Moon sampler in RECORD time and has begun to stitch Hannah Hicks, making great progress on that sampler too. I am shaking my head in shame cause I started Sarah T. in January of last year...and I am not even an 1/10 completed. I am a slug stitcher...slow as a sloth. I do not own turbo needles what so ever.

But it's the journey, not the destination, right?

I would like to post some photos of my progress but it's so dark when I get home that photo taking is somewhat futile. I am hoping for the weekend to at least grab a sliver of daylight. Even if it does snow (like the weather man is predicting) at least I should have some light to get a somewhat decent pics of Sarah and John. Guess you'll all have to wait until the weekend to see my updates. I have been living vicariously through all your blogs though, you guys do great work!!!

Well, I do have to go to bed, 4:45-5:00 AM rolls around very fast.

Thanks again for the good wishes and prayers and thanks so much for visiting my little corner of the world.


KarenV said...

Joanie, I think one or two of the Legacy ladies (that particular one and another that springs to mind) probably don't work so they can just sit and stitch all day. What I'm saying is, you have a full, active, life so comparing yourself to others who maybe don't have the same commitments is self-defeating. From what you've said, I think it sounds like you've been making great progress on your WIPs and it doesn't matter when you finish them, as long as you enjoy stitching them. It's not a race or a competition :) {{{{hugs}}}}

I hope that David continues to improve but if not, I hope the doctor will order some more tests and get to the bottom of his pain.

Kiwi Jo said...

I'm glad to hear David is feeling a little better. It sounds like he has EXACTLY the same problem as our little dog. The only difference is that she is enjoying all the laying around, eating and gaining pounds! I hope he continues to get better. And you take it easy!

Vonna said...

I've been checking all week to see an update, glad to hear at least that he's better. I like you think once the meds are gone, his problem will return. My thoughts and prayers are with you for your dh to speedily return to full health!

Karoline said...

I'm glad to hear David is improving, I hope that it continues.