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Thursday, November 09, 2006

It just isn't happenin' here

Well folks, the mini-slump continues.

However, I am still spending $$ on stitching stuff so the desire is still there, thank the good Lord. Cause I have eleventy-thousand hard earned dollars (and no sense) tied up in this hobby and I would hate for it all to be abandoned like my bizzillion painting patterns and paint and painting supplies that have been banished into the dungeon, um-mm, I meant basement. I just hope that my small flame stays alite cause there's nothing sadder than all that stash just going to waste in my dungeon of a basement.
So, I went to the LNS today to have Kimberly help me match a fabric scrap that I began to stitch some smalls on and I needed MORE to make a needlebook and a scissor keep...and I walked out with that $20 piece of fabric, a pattern and the silks to go with said pattern for an additional $56. Add that to a mail package from Wyndham, The Twining Thread and Stitches N Things...gosh, I will hate see my credit card statement next month but it sure was fun getting those packages.

And the stress levels are increasing. We just got a phone call from the Air Force cadet who has finally told us that he and his room-mates are not getting along. I suspected that all along but the cadet would not admit it to me. Hasn't he realized by now that I am a MOM and on the day her child is born she is equiped with radar, eyes in the back of her head and a sixth sense regarding her child's happiness? So he is avoiding his apartment and his room mates and is spending a lot of time away from an apartment that I am paying almost $400 a month for him to live in. Doesn't that boy have any sense of how much stash I could be buying with that money?!!! (just kidding, folks...)

Just add this to the stress of my contractor, my job, my weight, my life...shake well and you have one overwrought, insomniac who is developing an eye twitch and acne (at the ripe old age of 49!!) who just wants her kid to be HAPPY.

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KarenV said...

{{{{Joanie}}} - sorry you're having so much stress at the minute.

I emailed you about the BC chart - did you get it? Let me know if not or if you're no longer interested in buying - thanks!