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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not much stitching going on here

So, I posted photos of my house. Not so much for my stitching. Why, you ask? Because I am in a mini-slump. It's ok, it's just the time of the year. The holidays are coming. Have I told you how much I dislike the holidays? I dislike them because I never feel that I've done enough, made it special enough, kept tradition...I don't think my family really cares one way or the other, if I do anything for the holidays. I think that's the main reason I dislike them cause I work hard trying to make them special and it doesn't seem to matter.

Work has gotten very busy. After months of looking for work, I have enough to keep me busy for weeks now. Part of that is because my partner has dumped his grunt work onto me. I am not's better than trying to look busy.
I did have homework this weekend, my boss asked me to put together a couple of charts for him to present to his manager, the CEO. It took me a couple of hours to do but I fretted over it for 2 days. Go figure. He'll use them as a starting point for what he really wants, which when he gave me this mini-assignment he didn't have a clue. He'll tweak them. I may have totally missed the mark, which in all honesty, is possible. Then he'll tweak them and send me scrambling to fix them.

I did stitch a little bit. I worked on Autumn Leaves. I am working on the center motif. It's coming along slowly.

I have seriously been considering joining the 10-25-50 challenge that so many bloggers are participating in. I've been hesitant to take it on cause I stitch SO SLOWLY. But if I do the challenge, I will first work on my WIPs. I have around 5-10 that I want to finish. Some Quaker, a repro or 2 and some holiday pieces. Give me a couple of days to think about it and if I decide to accept the challenge then I will post my WIPs and those patterns I want to stitch in the near future. I don't believe I will take the 50 challenge. If I did I would not be able to buy ANYTHING for the rest of my life! Maybe that's what I SHOULD do!
Recently, I have slowed down with buying charts. I've only bought those that I think will be scarce and hard to find when they go OOP. I seem to go in spurts, for months I will not purchase anything then I go on a binge. I've spent a lot of money this year, mainly on Quaker samplers which I can't seem to get enough of. I bought all the new Quakers that Judy Holdingworth has put out and I also bought the new Quakers on Historischestmuster. I've toyed with stitching nothing but Quakers next year but that's unrealistic too, I think. It sounds nice but I will need a variety just to keep my interest. I'll have to come up with a good mix of things to stitch. This should be interesting.

Oh, I want to thank you all for visiting my blog, even if you don't comment on my posts. When you do though, I feel like we've talked and that's really nice.


Glenna said...

I feel your pain on the progress of your house. So infuriating--poor you!
I don't care for the holidays either generally, although I'm better this year because I spoke clearly and calmly to everyone in the family. I said that we would not be traveling as we do every other year, that we would stay home to have a quiet peaceful Christmas. They all think I'm a creep for doing it, but I can't tell you how relieved BF and I are. Not to have to take a plane, drive in snow, haul butt up the road, etc. Then I spoke with BF and said, ok--think small and simple: homemade meal, not 10 courses, a simple tree, limit outside decor to a wreath and maybe a simple string of lights in the window, sleep late, sit by the fire with the cats gathered around, do some stitching, watch a movie. No expectations=no disappointments=no craziness. I'll let you know if it works but already I feel so much better and lighter--maybe that's half the battle.

Barbara said...

I agree with Glenna, we should just all keep it simple. Maybe we should all uncommercialise X'mas and spend it small scale, one or two special festive dishes and most of all try to enjoy it instead!

I like reading your blog Joanie, I think you are a sensible person.

Samplerwench said...

Hi Joanie..First of all let me say..I love reading your blog and I look forward to it..The deal with your house reminds me so much of the crap my husband and I put up with when we had a new roof siding and windows put in our house several years ago..To say it was a long drawled out nightmare is an understatement..I really do feel for you..As for christmas..I wish it was over with..Isn't that terrible..nobody here really cares about it and I am to the point that it is just a hassle..bah humbug!!

Sylvie said...

Just to let you know that I regularly read your blog even though I rarely post...

andrea said...

Hey Joanie. I guess we all get in a astitching slump now and again. Just think of it as recharging those batteries. Though I'm not surprised with all the house goings on. You're having a lot to deal with right now.

Take care.

Jeanne said...

I enjoyed reading your blog Joanie, I can relate to much of it! I too am a slow stitcher so if I agreed to the stash reduction plan I'd hardly ever get to buy anything! I have been cutting down pretty successfully though so I think I am not too far out of control. I also get frustrated and depressed sometimes with the holidays. We usually have a party with some close friends but after many years it's sort of falling apart - I feel like why should I decorate the house when it's only DH and I and he doesn't really care? But then if I don't decorate it, I'll be even more depressed! I don't think it's not unnatural to want someone to appreciate all the work you go thru trying to make the house nice for the holidays. The trouble is, we all want our holidays to be perfect like in the movies and in reality, it's just not that way for everyone. You have to find some things that make you happy and go with that.

Also, I hate dealing with trades people so I share your frustration with the house. I especially hate landscapers and pool people! I have ended up between the contractors and DH more than once and it has been nothing but total stress! I wish you good luck and I'll stay tuned to see how it goes.

Vonna said...

Joanie, know that I check everyone's blog (that I read), once per day...I don't blogroll, frankly I can't figure it out??!!....but if I don't comment, I read it and I find your blog enjoyable to read, not to mention the beautiful projects that you do!
I understand about the Holiday thing too, my dear departed grandmother made the Holidays SO special. I love Christmas time and I try to do the same thing as she did, I always think I fall short too, but you know what?! One day my kids will look back (as I do now) and think about how special holidays were for them so it will be worth my frustration and running around to know that someday they will remember it fondly...(I HOPE!) :o)