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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Autumn Leaves & Screamer

Just to let you know that I haven't totally abandoned stitching I am posting my progress on Autumn Leaves...yes, Cathy and Patti, I am still working on it and no, I haven't ripped out the center motif, although the desire to do so is very strong.

I am sorry that the picture is a bit blurry, the snapshot digital is on the fritz and this is the best photo I got out of like eleventy dozen pictures.

I haven't worked on Autumn Leaves for about a week, if I stitch at all, I've been working on Beatrix Potter, the Quaker Sampler. But even then, I only can stand to put a few stitches in at a time cause I've lost my mojo right now.

And this is a photo of our barn cat, who desperately wants to be a house cat. Her name is Daisy (don't ask) but we call her *Screamer* cause she meows at the top of her little voice until she is hoarse the entire time we work in the barn. She just loves attention and feels that the world should be paying attention to her and not those big clunky horses. We let her into the new room last week cause it was cold out and she was meowing pitifully at the door. David has a soft spot for her.

Oh, news from the contractor for those who care.
He called Thursday saying he was ordering the windows on Friday.

He didn't.

So, I believed him..NOT!!!!


KarenV said...

Autumn leaves is such a pretty piece :) The more I see of it, the more I think I'd like to stitch it myself.

Daisy looks like a real cutie-pie - she certainly looks very comfortable there!

Oh, and a swift kick in the backside for your !"£$%%^^ contractor - what a moron!

cathymk said...

Autumn leaves is looking beautiful!!
I'd love to see a pic of your Beatrix Potter too, she is quietly sitting in my stash waiting for me to get my act together and make a start one day.

Vonna said...

I just love the PS design and have it in my "to do list before I have arthritis" pile! I would love to see your Beatrix Potter.
I also want to mention that your lt. green walls and pure white couch with those lovely pillows (and of course dear daisy) are beautiful! I love white couches, just can't own one with young children! LOL!
Oh, and have you gotten out your steel toe boots yet, I think the contractor may just be bent over someday to get a swift kick in...I start warming up my punting leg!

Susan said...

Autumn Leaves looks wonderful! I am working on the same piece, hopefully today I will post a finish.
Daisy is a cutie, already looks like the queen of the house.

Karoline said...

Autumn leaves is lovely Joanie and Daisy looks very much at home there

lena-lou said...

I love, love, love this PS design are you doing it 1/1 as it looks that way? It will be beautiful. I like the other 2 you are working on as well.
Daisy looks such a cutie and really cosy where she is :-)
Hope your contractor sorts himself out!!

Tessa said...

awww - Daisy looks like she belongs in the house and not the barn :)