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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blogger has been giving me fits

I don't understand what has happened to my blog. Blogger posted my latest post way down the template. I didn't change any settings and I only edited the last post. Sorry for the inconvenience to have to scroll 1/2 way down the page to hit my posts.


And another thing... I can not post comments to anyone's blog now. I get the comment block and the word verification but when I click to save the post to the blog it just won't save it. My ID is not present, I have to choose whether I have a blog account or Google account. I choose blogger. No place to identify myself or my url. So, be assured I am reading everyone's blog but I just can't comment on your posts. I'm sorry, I really WANT to say nice things about everyone's stitching. Don't think I'm ignoring you!!!

I wonder if it's cause I haven't committed my blog to their beta site. I have heard mixed feelings about the beta blog. I like my template and I want to keep it but I am not sure if the beta version will allow it. I am not html savy and although I understand a little bit about customizing my blog, it's not enough to make wholesale changes.


Joanie said...

Well, I fixed it...I changed my template.

Red said...

I switched to Beta only problem is I lost my 3 column template and there's wayyy too much unused "real estate" on my new one...but it's easier from where I stand but I'm somewhat challenged too. Hang in there.