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Monday, November 24, 2008

Blessings & Kind Wishes - Progress

Good Monday! I am on vacation, YAY, this week so I thought I'd post a progress picture of Blessings and Kind Wishes. I was a good stitcher on Sunday and worked on it during football and in the evening.

Here's my progress:

You would think that I would be further along after approximately 5+ hours of stitching. But No--o-o-o! I am the world's slowest stitcher. Oh well, steady wins the race, right?

I know I've been crabbing about the WDW thread, it seems to be only the greens (and this whole pattern is green) that are thin and crispy (sounds like a pizza!). The GAST thread is nice to use, they are behaving properly too. The blue diamond shapes are stitched with Cresent Colors and oh my! they are really nice to use! They are smooth and they behave wonderfully. I railroad and the threads don't need much coaching to lay beside each other. I can't wait to use them again (on Strawberry Garden (snicker)). And no, I haven't started it yet. I am waiting until I get more done on Blessings cause if I begin Strawberry Garden, Blessings will fall into the black pit of misfit stitching projects never to see the light of day until I feel guilty and drag it back out into the light of day.

Well, I've procrastinated enough. I promised my house that I would do some heavy cleaning and possibly some painting while I was home. So far, all that has been is promises. I am unmotivated by housework and if I don't get busy, I'll be kicking myself into next week for putting it off. The house certainly needs some TLC. There is a reward at the guessed it, my needle and stitching.

So ciao, friends, it's off to find the broom, bucket and mop. Sigh.


Nicki said...

Weeeell, I shouldn't encourage you, but Strawberry Garden is gorgeous and SO much fun to do ;)

Blessings looks great though - I have that one to do too. And I agree about the WDW - my least favourite hand-dyed threads.

Miss 376 said...

You've made fantastic progress. Hope the cleaning doesn't keep you away from stitching too much

Tama said...

Progress is progress! and it looks really pretty!
Have you tried using Thread Heaven on the green floss?

Von said...

Oh Joanie, I'm there with you vacillating between housework and fun things like stitching or card making. I enjoy the times when I actually get some of both done. :D