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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Message from SweetieGirl (aka Miss Sourpuss)

Tap, tap...Is anyone on??

This is a message from Sweetie Girl.

Two nights ago, there was a disturbance in the force. An intruder entered into my domain. My people are smitten by her. I however am highly disturbed by the intruder. She must go.

This morning when I came into the kitchen for my morning treat, I found the big yellow fuzzyball (the wonderdog) and the little intruder snacking on turkey. When I was served my piece of turkey, the little twit actually STOLE it out from underneath my nose. SHE DOVE ON IT AND WOULDN'T LET ME HAVE IT. Well, I started swatting her HARD on her thick head but all she did was hunker down and GROWL at me. The brazen hussy. Well, being the lady that I am, I let her have the scrap but I did let her know that I was highly peeved at her antics. I retreated to the back of the sofa where my Mom let me eat my turkey out of her hand.

I am pretty annoyed.

Later on during the day, the little twit had the audacity, the nerve, to fall asleep in front of the wood stove. The Wonderdog knows that only I am allowed to nap in front of the fireplace and if she wants to have some of the heat, she has to stay at least 3 feet from me. I am going to have to put that kitten in her place. Doesn't she know that she's napping in MY space???

I know that Mom wants you to help name her. I have a name for you all to consider.


Sweetie Girl
A little pissed off

That's all for now.


Melody said...

Dear Sweetie Girl, This too will pass, believe it or not in time you will make friends with the new interloper.

Then you can both nap in front of the fire!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lee said...

Something tells me that Sweetie Girl isn't in the market for a new BFF...

Miss 376 said...

Had to smile, the audacity of the young!