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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stitching pictures!!!

Thanks to Let's Stitch, I've been more diligent about taking pictures of my progress and I am more inclined to post them too. Here are some pictures of my stitching adventures from this week.

Blessings and Kind Wishes and the ornament from the 2008 JCS.

My storks are re-appearing with the correct color of tail feathers, I might add. The little ornament is such a quick stitch. If I get off my fanny and go upstairs and retrieve the thread for the bird, this ornament could be completed in an hour or so. But I am lazy right now, so it'll wait.

The piece below is a Quaker piece of my own design, stitched over one on 28ct Lambswool Lugana in Silk N' Thread, Autumn Foliage. About 5 years ago, I and many other stitchers got caught up in the Quaker frenzy. And yes, I still like them and snap the patterns up regularly, especially if they're reproductions. I decided I wanted to try to design my own sampler and stitch a box lid for a wooden tea box I picked up at ACMoore. And being the over-acheiver that I am, I decided to stitch the sampler over one thread to fit the box lid. This is my progress so far.

This week, I finished the 1/2 medallion on the bottom and started the 1/2 flower basket above it. I do not stitch regularly on this (or any Quaker for that matter) because after awhile, I find them monotonous. But it doesn't stop me from starting new Quakers (I think I have 6 Wips). You'll have to excuse the grey photo, it's raining terribly here in Upstate NY and the light is terrible. I don't know why I chose to stitch on it. I was going through my Wip stack looking for something to catch my fancy and this piece rose to the top. I don't know when I'll stitch on it again either cause I've had my fill of over one and Quaker motif monotony.

I am in the mood to stitch Christmas ornaments though. They are addictive. It's given me a boost in the happy dance department and it feels nice to finish something relatively quickly.

Well, I should stop rambling...I need to get on the treadmill and walk off the bagel that I ate this morning. The DH and I are going to go see Quantum of Solace tonight. I should say, we hope to see it because it opened last night to a lot of buzz so it may be sold out before we get there. I hope not cause a night out (even if we really shouldn't go because of our tight budget) would feel nice for a change.

So thanks for dropping by. Leave a comment! I like to hear from you!


Miss 376 said...

You've worked on a variety of pieces this week. Whenever it is completed, you are going to have a lovely box lid

Sue said...

Wow...that Quaker piece loks great Joanie!

Shelleen said...

you are doing great

staci said...

All of your wip's look lovely, great job!

Giovanna said...

Lovely WIPs! I have a soft spot for the BBD Loose Feathers, I so love storks.

Theresa said...

Hi Joanie, I love the look of your blog! It is gorgeous!
The Blackbird design is on my wish list.
Just stopping in to say hello!

Brant & Beth said...

Joanie..You rock. You are so talented. I'm jealous. Beth