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Sunday, November 09, 2008

An ornament stitched and a progress picture too!

Don't look now but I actually stitched a freebie! This little snowman is from a little promotional card I got for buying all of the new Prairie Schooler patterns when they were released earlier this year. Since I am such a snowman nut, I KNEW I'd be stitching him up soon. There's just something about snowmen that make me smile and think all is right with the world.

Prairie Schooler - Snowman
32ct Rue Green linen
This is the progress picture. It's a Blackbird Design's Loose Feather pattern, Blessings and Kind Wishes stitched with the recommended thread but on Lambswool linen instead of the recommended R&R linen.

I am having the dickens of a time trying to keep the frogs away from this piece. I messed the birds twice, the border and the placement of some of the words. Honestly, I would be done stitching it if it wasn't for those contemptable frogs. But, I persevere and rip out my mistakes and try again, sometimes more than once (my stork had a rust color butt for pete's sake until I looked at the picture on the front of the pattern and found out that the feathers are grey not gingersnap) and move on, trying all the while not to loose interest or throw the thing in the trash. So the bird's are reappearing without rust color feathers on their behinds, in the correct place and with the right words.

Gosh, I hope that this business with the frogs are past. Hop away, hop away to a knitter (no offense all you yarn-lovers, but us poor stitchers have frogs 24/7 and it's time for a vacation) for goodness sake!

I did start another ornament and kitted up a third. I am working on yet another Blackbird Design, the stocking ornament from this year's JCS ornament issue. I've kitted up the 2006 Quaker design from them too, in Mulberry GAST on my favorite linen, Lambswool. No progress pictures on either of them because they are in the early stages of stitching, one is a blob and the other is unstarted.

I've started to paint again too, I am painting a very cool Christmas cookie plate that I will share with you when it's done. I will either Ebay it or put it on Etsy. And I have a few other ideas floating in the ol' noggin on some other painted pieces too. Stitching may slow down a little because I need to make some cash for a few unexpected expenses and I am hoping painting will be profitable enough to pay those bills.

Well, it's off to make some lunch and get dinner in the oven. I'm making pot roast and want to put it into a slow oven for a long time so it's melt-in-your-mouth tender. So off to the kitchen with me!

Thanks for stopping by this Sunday afternoon. I hope football is on and your needle is in your hand!


Shelleen said...

your snowman is cute and I like your WIP. I think frogs hibernate in the winter so you might be safe for a while :-)

staci said...

Very cute snowman! And you're moving right along on your BBD...looks lovely!

Miss 376 said...

hope the frogs stay away, it's such a lovely piece

Giovanna said...

I'm sorry to that you're having trouble with frogs - sending good vibes to you, this is such a pretty project! Cute snowman too.

Karoline said...

Very cute snowman and the sampler is lovely. I hope you've managed to give those frogs their marching orders

samplerlover said...

Hey Joanie, I think your frogs have hopped over the oceans and landed on me LOL. Talk about Grrrr. Poor Lois had an attack of them but I think I am now on the straight and narrow path.
Your snowman is looking lovely and I really love your WIP. It should look lovely when it is finished and I hope it doesn't end in the trash.
Decided to join you in the SAL with Beatrix. I figure if I do either one large or 2 small motifs a month I should finish it. I wonder if there is also a SAL for Sarah Moon, then I can complete that one as well. I'm a bit iffy about stitching it on 32ct, but at the time 40ct wasn't available here. Now I stock whenever I get a new project in the pipeline. I have 3 in the pipe line all ready to go. There's one that I really want to start but no I have to finish Lois first.
Know the feeling with hidden expenses. Just had one this morning that has taken all my money. Oh well, have to share it around I suppose - take care - Sandra.

Diane said...

Love the snowman and the stork piece is going to be fabulous when you finish it. I have a question - what brand/manufacturer of lambswool do you use? I got some Wichelt-Permin and, although the color is great, I'm not crazy about the stiffness and open weave of the linen. Is there another brand that's softer? I'd love your input. Thanks!

Annemarie said...

That's a very sweet snowman, Joanie.
I'm sorry for laughing at your stitchy misfortunes, but I had to giggle when I read about the poor stork's Gingersnap behind. Oh, once the frogs visit, there's no getting rid of them, is there? Thanks for the enjoyable post, and good luck making some extra cash!