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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In a bit of a slump

In a slump, a little one, but a slump none the less. I think I am a bit frustrated, the froggies visited all weekend and everything I touched has to be ripped out and done over. The final straw was the 3 hours I spent stitching a spiderweb rose and the decorative backstitching around it (sorry, can't share a's a secret) and when I put the anchoring stitch to secure the backstiching I pulled out the ending thread to the spiderweb rose. It was too short to weave back in so it was back to the drawing board to begin again. One spiderweb rose...3 get the wraps to lay right and the tension just so and to have it pop off the fabric right before I was calling it quits for the evening. Not a great stitching evening.

I put Miss Mary away for now and Sarah Tatum too. I have to stitch my Lottery II exchange piece and continue to restitch my boo-boo project. I like the *boo-boo* project so it's not a chore. I have to figure out what I want to stitch for the Lottery II piece. Something spring-y or friendship related.
Planning is half the fun!


Isabelle said...

Oh Joanie, sorry that the frogs visited you all weekend. I hope they'll keep a distance now! I'm sure they will :)

KarenV said...

Oh Joanie {{{hugs}}} I'm not a big fan of spiderweb roses - mine never turn out very nice, despite being as careful as possible with the wraps.

Hope you're out of your slump soon :)

Maggie Ann said...

Is a spiderweb rose the same thing as a bullion rose? I have been trying to make a 'perfect' bullion rose for a while...and have laid it to rest now for several months. Sorry to hear about all the frogging. I guess thats the difference between people that stick with the stuff and finish, like you...and the ones like myself who lay it on the closet shelf after a while. Oh well....= )

Joanie said...

Maggie ann, if you only knew how many UFO's I have! LOL!!!

A spider web rose is built on an Algerian eye foundation and the floss is woven around the spokes of the Algerian eye, round and round until you can't fill it anymore. They are pretty but a REAL pain!!!