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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some musings...

First of all , thanks to all who visited and commented on my Extreme Home Makeover. It's an exciting time for me and I am looking forward to sprucing up the place. It's been a dream of ours to finish the house the way we want and my Dad came through in a big way. So, Dad, thanks!

Here is a photo of what I will be looking at from my *Florida Room*:

Isn't it a gorgeous view?

I've been thinking about stitching today, you know, just daydreaming and I got to wondering why I love to do needlework and why does it give me such satisfaction.

I pondered it for awhile and I think that I love it because it is relaxing and I love seeing a design develop. Plus, it's a creative process and I feel very productive. And I can spend time with my family when I am stitching. Before I took up needlework, I painted and drew. I would hole myself up in my *studio* (the 4th bedroom - LOL!!) and not come out for hours. I literally get lost in art and to come out is rather jolting. But my family never saw me and would complain that I was never around. So needlework provides me with most of what I crave, the color and creative process. I don't mind working from a designer's work, I've been known to change things and make a piece my own. I've dabbled in designing and maybe I will continue down that path but for now, I am content to spend time with a needle

SO this question is for all of you:
What makes you love to do needlework (or any hobby for that matter) and why does it give you such satisfaction?

I would be interested in your answer.


Isabelle said...

Oh Joanie, it looks like we've followed similar paths! I used to spend all my holidays painting. While my parents loved to get the paintings, they complained that they never saw me (and I was late for dinner, etc.). I also used to stitch at that time, but not that much.
Then when I moved to Paris, there was no way I could keep painting (no room, too much mess, especially in a place that's not yours but that you rent!). That's when stitching came to the foreground. I have exactly the same pleasure in front of my threads palette as I used to feel in front of my oil colours. And you are so right - stitching is a sociable hobby.
Plus for me, it's much more "portable"; you can stitch a little here and a little there, and it is not messy (...or at least, not dirty!).
OK, I've babbled enough about myself... ;o) Hope I haven't been too long :o/

I also wanted to congratulate you on the adorable Garden Exchange piece you stitched for Sylvie! It's so cute :)

KarenV said...

Well, I'm no artist (can't even draw stick figures LOL!) but I do love my stitching. It helps me relax and I love to create something out of nothing. I also love colour and will spend ages picking just the right fabric/thread combination for a project. It's almost as much fun as stitching :)

Chelle said...

I love the process. I enjoy choosing a design, kitting it up (SHOPPING!) organizing my stash, the joy of starting a new project, the satisfaction of watching it "grow" and the thrill of finishing. Then I'm ready for the next project! I enjoy each little step. I also love organizing my stash. Right now it isn't as organized as it used to be, but the organization part is FUN.

Chelle said...

Sorry for the 2nd comment but I forgot to say your view is AWESOME!! Love it!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

What a gorgeous view! Looks like you'll have a wonderful stitching spot.

As for why I love needlework-- mostly, it's the process that I enjoy. Having finished pieces to display is a nice bonus, too. I've also gotten to a point with my stitching where I'm not afraid to change a design to suit my own tastes, and occassionally I get a fresh piece of fabric and "doodle" with needle and thread.