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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another must have!

Have you seen this from Carriagehouse Samplings?!!!


I had to post this find.

It's going on the wish list...Attic Needlework is offering the chart, the fabric and the silks as their October's so tempting to order it but I'll be good, I promise.

I am an Autumn lover, pumpkins, sunflowers, leaves, the colors, smells, the crisp air....maybe that's what my Heaven will be like.

Today in Upstate NY the weather is's cool but not cold and the sky is that bright blue color that you only see during this time of the year, the leaves are at their peak and it's a great day to be putzing about the yard. David has been mowing the lawn, hopefully for the last time and I've pulled out all the tomato plants from the garden. We had a frost last night and they didn't survive it. That's ok though, cause they are spent.

I've done some laundry and housework and now, I am taking a break from Fall decorating. I've done my porch, I've put my sunflower wreath on the door and put a large pot of silk mums and my fake pumpkins next to the door on an old wooden chair I salvaged just for that purpose. And I dragged up the box of autumn / halloween goods from the dungeon, opps...I meant basement..Ahem. I'm going to work on my kitchen shelf next. After I get through puttering about with that, I may take a nap or sit down and work on a bit o'needlework.

Thanks everyone for your comments on Welcome Spot and Light Your Way. I love the way they came out and I appreciate all the good things you say about my passion.

Talk with all of you again soon!


Nancy K. said...

Hi Joanie:

Oh, CHS's Falls Gifts will be coming home to stay with me, I think. Like you, I love all that is fall - the leaves, acorns, pumpkins, cool days, softer sunlight.

Thank you for sharing this design news. I'm calling my LNS right now. I love your framed Light the Way, too, and the Welcome Spot looks like a fun stitch.

Take care, Nancy

Cathy said...

You enabler you...I love those pumpkins and the fall colors...oh darn....

Chelle said...

I was completely able to resist until I noticed the acorns. Argh!

Vonna said...

I just recently was introduced to presently working on VoHRH...
I too LOVE this pattern...I want it badly and am too trying to resist, but fear without much luck...I've got it on order as soon as it is released and my LNS can get it!