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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday's news

sorry that this post is in lower case, my computer's backspace key is stuck and i spend an inordinate amount of time correcting my typing. i don't type well to begin with so this is an added frustration.
i didn't do much stitching this week, i've been in a rather cranky mood and stitching would have frustrated me. the only thing i've done was put together my bourse and worked on the prairie schooler design. it's coming along nicely and i am finding it quite relaxing to stitch. i am almost 1/2 way done now and it's really hard to put down. i'll post a picture soon.
tomorrow, we are going to rochester to mike's rotc detachments dining out. it's where they teach the cadets how to behave at a formal Air Force function, there's a flag ceremony and an mia ceremony too. we get a great dinner, a presentation, a skit and the cadets get called to the *grog* bowl. it's a garbage drink (literally) served from a toilet bowl. better them than me! but i am looking forward to seeing the kid and spending time with him on saturday. i hope to get some nice photos so i'll share with you. i have a lot to prepare for though, i have to get our clothes together and i must find a suitable project to stitch on during the ride up and back. something on a large-ish count fabric because i have old eyes. it's always fun picking out something new to stitch!

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