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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dining Out

Yesterday, David and I drove to Rochester to attend the ROTC Dining Out. It was great! The dinner was delicious and the guest speaker was very motivating. The guest speaker received the Medal of Honor for his service in Viet Nam. Hearing him speak was something! He spoke on leadership and the group was mesmerized by his account of the circumstances that lead up to receiving the Medal of Honor.

My son has turned into quite the cadet.

He had some surprises for us, because he is the highest ranked Cadet, he got to sit at the head table. He was part of the 4 cadets that performed the MIA ceremony which was very moving, participated in the skit that the Cadet's put together and he had to drink from the *Grog* bowl 2 times. Yuck. The grog is made out of whatever the senior cadets decide to put into at stainless steel toilet bowl. The cadets are *called out* by someone who has *witnessed* a social faux pas or a breach in protocol. The infraction is descibed by a poem. The person called out has a chance to rebut the request to go to the bowl. Most of time they have to go to the bowl anyway. The drink had gross things mixed together, olive oil, V-8 juice, a jar of pickles, molasses, honey, a malt drink, coffee, a candy bar described as doggie get the idea. They must drink at least a 1/3 of a glass of this stuff after saluting the *Mess*. Better him than me! It's all in good fun though and even though the concoction is gross.

Mike and Matt:

All of us...

We had a great time!

Today, we took Mike shopping and to lunch. All too soon, it was time to head home and leave him at his apartment. I miss him very much but he's doing well. And before I know it, it will be Thanksgiving and he'll be home for 2 weeks!

I took Prairie Schooler's Autumn Leaves with me to stitch in the car but who was I kidding! Over one in the car with a clip on magnifier equals car sickness. So no stitching for me on this trip. I worked a little on it at the hotel, I am not sure I like what I've done, I don't believe that I have the correct tension. Filling in colors doesn't look right, so I think I am going to try to park threads instead of doing an area of one color and filling in the blank stitches with another color. If any of you over one experts have any tips, please leave comments!

Thanks again for visiting, I look forward to reading your posts!


Carol said...

Oh your David looks just like you :-) Great photos!

Red said...

Wish I could give advice on the "over one"...but I can't...sooo I will say...Ditto on what Carol said...we know who he belongs too! You must be so proud of him.

Karen said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a fun time. The "grog" really does sound disgusting!

Von said...

Gag me Joanie!! Your description of the "grog" was much too detailed, lol! Reminds me of some of the concoctions I've heard recommended to bring on labor! :D

Congrats to you and to David on his fine showing - he's doing you proud!

The Queen's Stitch said...

What a nice evening. And your boy is such a handsome young man! You should be so proud.