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Monday, October 16, 2006

Halloween bourse & other photos

Before I share some photos, I want to tell you that as of right now, the only credit card that was compromised was the one I wrote about in the previous post. I talked with the Credit Union folks this morning and there was no activity on our joint card this weekend. What a relief! Plus, I was worried about our checking and savings account but they are safe. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. It's been a roller coaster of a day...

Now, for some photos...

This is my Halloween Sweetbag that I made for the exchange on Legacy. I don't believe my partner reads my blog so I decided to post it early. I just wanted to share! It's a Halloween bourse. I love it. It's so small. I hope my partner likes it as much as I do! I had a great time making it. It's all handsewn cause I hate my machine with a passion. It wasn't difficult to sew either which is always a plus! (Oh, and I painted the Halloween pumpkin patch in the backround.)

The bourse closed:

The bourse opened:

I stitched that cute witch from Mary Garry's Seasonal Momentoes again. I just love that little witch! She is pretty sweet.

I've made some good progress stitching Prairie Schooler's Autumn Leaves. Cathy, Patti and I are doing a SAL together. I worked on it tonight, even though our day to stitch this design is Tuesday. Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment and won't be home till late in the evening so I allowed myself to stitch on it. This photo is my progress from last week.

Tonight, I finished up the words on the top 1/2 of the design. I am doing it over one and I absolutely love how it's working up. I am using Ruth Sparrow's over one method and it's a fabulous technique. I loathed over one stitching but no more! Ruth's method is super easy and I am stitching on evenweave so my stitches are fairly uniform. I have to work on my tension a bit and I also have to let my needle drop to untwist. Over all, I am very happy with how this piece is coming along. What do you think?

Next up is our little Sweetie...I caught her napping in the sun on Sunday and I just had to take her picture! Isn't see adorable?

Lastly, this is my hubby and Anantha with our horse, Joey. Anantha is from India and came here for a month to learn part of David's job...yes, outsourcing to India. She is a sweet girl, very soft spoken and quiet. She was a delight! We spent the evening and have dinner together. She never saw a horse up close and personal and she was a little scared. But in the end, she touched Joey's nose and gave him some carrots. Joey loves to have his photo taken, the big ham!!!

So that's what's cooking at my house. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments. I love visiting with you!


Von said...

Oh, Joanie - I'm so relieved that your cards and accounts are safe.

Your bourse is fantastic - all handmade!! It's great catching up with all your news. :D

The Queen's Stitch said...

What great photos! The bourse is adorable - I love the little ghostie and the orange buttons. And your pumpkins are very cute as well - you're multi-talented.

Your Sweetie looks very much like my George. We love The George.

Your hubby is also a cutie!

BeckySC said...

OOOh Joanie, your bourse turned out wonderfully :)Congratulations :)

Glad to hear that your accts. are safe!

hugs to you :)

Sylvie said...

Your bourse is so gorgeous!

What a lovely picture of your kitty

Cindy said...

What a fabulous bourse! I'm really liking the Autumn Leaves piece as well :)

Carol said...

What a lovely bourse! I only hand sew, and you have inspired me that maybe, just maybe, I could make a bourse one day... maybe. Thanks for the inspiration. You did a wonderful job. I am sure your exchange partner will love it too.

Cindy said...

I just love the bourse, it is awesome! Love the pics! I also love the blog and will be adding you to my blog roll! Hope you dont mind!

Crazee4books said...

Joanie, Love the bourse that you made. I really Love the Prairie Schooler Autumn Leaves project that you're doing in the SAL. The colours in it are amazing. Sorry to hear about your credit card woes. But at least it was caught before anything really nasty happened. Cheers Judy

Susimac said...

Awesome bourse, - congratulations. Glad to hear that your accounts are safe - must have been such a worry. PS is coming up lovely I like the colours.

Karoline said...

Your bourse is gorgeous Joanie, congratulations. Glad to hear that the rest of your accounts are uncompromised.

Vonna said...

Oh....I love that bourse...I'd love to try one someday!
Your's is really great! The horse is a cutie! So is hubby!

Melissa said...

Your bourse is gorgeous! One day I'm going get up the courage to attempt one.