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Monday, October 09, 2006

How to tell if you are truly obsessed....

Obsession...the dictionary defines obsession as:
the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

I, however, describe obsession the following way...

1. Need one skein of DMC 3011 to completely kit a project.
2. Rip apart every kitted project and every bag of DMC that's stashed in the closet and rummage through all the plastic shoe boxes of specialty fibers because I am sure that I HAVE that color someplace in my stash, because afterall, I own EVERY color of DMC ever created, RIGHT?
3. After searching for what seems to be hours, finally give up and admit that no, I don't own every color DMC ever made. I am missing the number 3011.
4. Make the decision to go to AC Moore after work to pick up 3011.
5. Breath a sigh of relief cause now, I can rest easy knowing my kitted project will be complete after work on Monday.
6. Leave work and drive the dreaded parkway which has a billion loonies driving on it during rush hour and road rage is rampant.
7. Drive into AC Moore's parking lot, which is really WALMART's (that should give you a clue as how full the lot is) and 30 other stores parking lot.
8. Play dodge cars with old folks on their way to the Country Buffet for dinner, who should have their licenses revoked because they are ancient and besides all that, the Country Buffet serves bad food. (Country Buffet is affectionately known in our house as Country Barffet).
9. Realize that it's a school holiday and everyone is shopping with their kids - at WalMart.
10. While dodging parents and kids, circle the lot near AC MOORE and FINALLY find a parking place.
11. Go into AC Moore and fight the parents and kids to walk down the aisle to the cross stitch supplies conveniently located at the rear corner of the store.
12. Eureka! 3011 is in stock! Hear the angels singing?
13. Dig deep in the bin to find a *clean* skein. That means one that you believe no one or their kid has handled besides you.
14. Fight my way back to the register with that ONE skein of floss.
15. Get to the register only to realize that there are 3 open registers each with 4 people in line. Did everyone in the store decide to checkout at the same time?
16. Try to get in the line with the people that have the least amount to purchase. (I think you know that I picked the WRONG line.)
17. Stand in line while the cashier messes up a gift card / credit card transaction and now has to void the purchase to begin again.
18. Begin to wave that lonely skein in the air hoping that someone will take pity on me and let me go ahead of them. FAT CHANCE.
19. Twenty five (!) minutes later- leave the parking lot (after dodging traffic, kids and old people) with that lonely skein of 3011 after refusing a plastic bag the size of a small country and the AC Moore sale flier. (I know that I will not be going back there anytime soon.)
20. Pull into the driveway a full hour later than normal, all because I wanted a skein of 3011 that I paid 31 cents for so I could rest easy knowing my project is complete and ready to stitch.

THAT, my friend, is OBSESSION.


Patti said...

You are a brave soldier. I have to do exactly that for 3012!!! LOL I'm working up my willpower at this point.

Nicki said...

LOL! What can I say?!

Red said...

Hey Patti and Joni...I have both colors if you need them!

Von said...

Hilarious! But I relate all too well! :D

Eclecticmk - Margie said...

And people say obsession is a bad thing! LOL!

Vonna said...

:D Found your blog via Von's glad I did, as I find that we must *truly* be kindred spirits! Living in a town known as the top 10 places to live for retired people and a college town...I know what you mean...
PLUS I've found myself dashing off to get one skein when I have at *least* 10 bobbin boxes FULL of ALL DMC threads, and usually will find the one I need has less than a few inches left....LOL!
HEHEHE....I'm nearly crying with laughter!