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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Correction to the bourse instructions

Sorry for the inconvenience....I found a typo...and I wanted to add an additional instruction.

1. After you stitch the backing fabric to your linen and before you turn the piece inside out, trim the seam about a 1/4 inch and clip the corners on a diagonal so that the corners will be square.

2. THIS IS THE BIG CORRECTION. Turn down the corners 2 inches. In the instructions, it states to turn the corners down an inch. That's too small. It should be 2 inches. Otherwise the corners will look really wonky and your bourse won't look right closed.

Sorry, sorry.....


Barbara said...

I tried your bourse yesterday. Very interesting, however I did snip the corners off before turning as it is normally done anyway, for pouches, cushion covers and all. Yes also I turned the corners more than 1" because I needed to fit the buttons so no worries there.

Thinking of trying another ;) Thanks Joanie.

Vonna said...

Thanks for the correction Joanie...although I probably wouldn't have known the difference! LOL! Everyone is intitled to mistakes and your sharing the instructions was so thoughtful!
Thank you :O)