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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Baby it's going to get cold outside

I just listened to the news, we are supposed to get very cold and have snow flurries! I am NOT ready for snow! Not by a long shot! I am still living in late summer and I haven't put my shorts away yet. It's too early!

So, here's some photos of the autumn hillside that I took last weekend. I bet that by this weekend, most of the leaves will be on the ground and the trees will be bare.
This is a picture of our horses grazing in the pasture.

Maggie and the hillside vista:

The view from my sunroom:

And progress on Autumn Leaves by Prairie Schooler, an SAL that Patti and Cathy and I are working on.

It's too early for WINTER!!!

1 comment:

Von said...

It is too early for winter! You sure have some wonderful views from your home, Joanie! I'd have a hard time getting anything done cuz I'd be gazing out the windows. :D