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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My life is out of control!!!

Well, I apologize for not posting the last few days. I have developed a cold (from Typhoid Tom at work...) and I am a bit under the weather right now. I did want to share though a few things...I picked up Drawn Thread's Welcome Spot and Blackbird Designs, Light Your Way! I love both of them! Pictures soon, as the weather's been dark so photos I took were not great.

And I finished an exchange and will be posting the picture soon, once it gets to my partner. So, mini happy dances are happening in New York. life at home is totally out of control...everywhere I look there is something out of place, lurking in corners, bags...under the furniture and just everywhere. Normally, I am a pretty neat person. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT a neat freak. We live in our house and if you've been in my house, you know that dust and clutter are just family members. I'm blaming my weekend at CATS. While I was gone, the dust bunnies bred, the laundry grew from a molehill to a mountain and my stash escaped from the confines of craft room because I was playing in it prior to CATS and I came back and got stash mail while I was gone...yes, I know...more stash, like I don't have ENOUGH already. And let's not even go where the DH and DS did this weekend...let's say bachelorhood is a polite description of their weekend while I was gone to Hershey. They both let that slob gene that they share have free reign of their brains and the aftermath, well, isn't so pretty.

I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow, in between blowing my nose and trying desperately to breath. I feel like I am breathing in water, and breathing is HARD right now.

SO, hope you'll stop by and leave a message. I miss you guys!


Chelle said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling so icky. Hope you feel much better very soon! I'm looking forward to pictures, I have DT Welcome Spot I think. Try not to get too 'whelmed with your housework. Save the "heavy lifting" until you are feeling better!

Von said...

Oh, Joanie! How awful to feel so badly when the house is in an uproar. You need to just get some sleep and really play up how ill you are to the boys who made the mess - it's their responsibility to clean their mess! :D

Carol said...

Yuck - few things are worse than being ill and feeling like your life is out of control! I hope the weekend helps!! (and the stitching too!). Again - it was fun meeting you in Hershey :-) Glad you liked your Lorri Birmingham class - I was so sad to read she is retiring!

Patti said...

Poor Joanie! I hope it wasn't my cold you caught (but it probably was me!). I know just how you feel when your house is unorganized. Take one room at a time and stitch in between!

KarenV said...

I agree with Von, get the boys to clean their own mess up! :)

Sorry you've not been well, hope you're feeling better today. Can't wait to see pictures of your finishes :)