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Friday, July 14, 2006

A change of plans

Well, the husband was to go with the kid and company to the Poconos for a paintball event this weekend. David was going to take the day off and just pick up Mike after work to drive him and 5 others down to PA. BUT....this afternoon, a crisis arose at work. And guess who is home for the weekend, WORKING. My sweetie. So tonight, he is out on the new room on his laptop, debugging a program and running scripts and performance analyses.

And that changes my plans too. I had plans to spend some time alone and think and pray and just *chill*. That's ok though, I love having him home. The only plans that changed really is the amount of stitching I will get to do. And we may get to go to see Pirates. So, I am ok with that!

Well, Get Color is on HGTV and I love that show! I have found so many good tips watching it. Talk to you all LATER~ :-)!!


Cathy said...

I love Get Color too. Well, actually, I love just about any program on HGTV. Enjoy your weekend Joanie!

KarenV said...

Sorry your plans changed - I hope you still manage to get some stitching done. Love your start on Scaredy Cat - very cute!

Have a great weekend Joanie :)