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Monday, July 24, 2006

Got some stitching in this weekend

This weekend was a good stitching weekend. I got more stash in the mail (I know, I checkbook is whining. One of the pieces I got was Little House Needlework's, Rose Sampler, that I've wanted for ages. Everytime that I ordered something else, I forgot to add it to the order..DUH! Finally, I ordered it and immediately began stitching on it when it showed up in the mail. I cannot find 2 skeins of DMC, 3064 & 3364 and as I know have them. I've kitted those 2 skeins into other projects and through my pillaging for DMC for other projects, I kitted them into OTHER projects and now I can't remember which project they are with.

So, I decided to work on Prairie Year. I am only 3 months behind! But now, I am only 21/2 months behind because May is almost done. I'll take a picture tomorrow, as the light has gone and my digital camera will not take a decent picture now. May has a lot of color changes and I am using Nicki's method of parking threads. I have to say I really like that method!

Well, gotta run...lots of lightning!

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Crazee4books said...

Hi Joanie,
Just saw the pictures of your new room and it is beautiful. That wall of windows with the view beyond is wonderful. Hope you get a lot of peace and enjoyment out of the room. Cheers Judy