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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Scared Silly Update

Got some stitching time this week and I made a teeny bit of progress on BOAF's Scared Silly. Here is the Scaredy Cat!

On another note, and not a good one, my DH had to have a *conversation* with the contractor over the lack of progress on our house. It was uncomfortable. David asked for a drop dead finish date in writing and also brought attention to a few things he told us that were not entirely truthful. So, David is disenchanted with him and really is unhappy. He can not wait until they finish and are gone. It makes me sad because I really like this man and his workers do an exceptional job. I had hoped to have the contractor do some interior work for me but I am unsure if my hubby will permit it. I have been out of sorts for the last few days because of this and the contractor is bending himself into a pretzel to get back into my husband's good graces. That's not going to happen as the boat of redemption has sailed.

On a good note though, it did light a fire and the contractor boys finished painting my new room. I love the color. In certain light it looks like a goldy-green and at other times somewhat of a lime (but not garish). Actually, it looks like marinated artichoke hearts, if you can believe it. The paint color is called Hearts of Palm.
So now, all that's left to do is to cover the wall outlets, mount the can lights and re-wire the ceiling fan so I can control it from a wall switch. When I get the furniture set up this weekend, I will post a photo for all to admire!

The family left on Monday to journey to Philadelphia by way of Scranton. I believe that they had a good time although the kid's were getting whiney at the end of the visit. Take 2 teenagers out of their natural habitat for too long and they morph back into 2 year olds.

Mike will be 19 tomorrow. I can't believe that he is a young man. Goodness, where does the time go? He and a bunch of his buddies, my husband and his friend are going to the Poconos to play 3 days of paintball. It's an annual event, one that they plan and look forward to beginning in the early spring. I will have the house to myself and I plan to watch chick-fliks, eat food that I like but no one else does, and stitch on Saturday evening. I want to finish cleaning out our 4th bedroom to begin it's metamorphosis into a study for David. I plan on working on it tomorrow evening into Saturday. Saturday night is earmarked for needle and thread and Sunday will be too! Wahoo!

So, there you have it, all that's fit to type. Thanks for stopping by! I love it when you come to visit!


Leah said...

That cat is so cool and crazy looking! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your new room.

Karoline said...

Your cat is looking cute, I hope your renovations go smoothly from here on.