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Monday, July 10, 2006

More pictures

Ok, Annette on Mighty Joe Navajo (aka - Joey):

Unfortunately, her ride was cut short because it was buggy and he is so herd bound with his 2 girlfriends that he got quite piggish about listening to her. Because Annette is such an inexperienced rider (and Joey knows that), he decided to take advantage of her inability to make him mind. My hubby was afraid that things could get out of control, so he walked with her through the hayfield until it became apparent that Joey was getting too antsy. So in the name of safety, the ride was cut short. Needless to say, Annette was disappointed and Joey went for a LONG ride through the hayfields across the street just to reinforce who actually is the boss on a trail ride.

Silly Chrissy, the wonder dog. Chrissy has developed into quite the homebody. She has apppointed herself *Lady of the Manor* and gardens, hangs out laundry and generally runs the daily operations in the household with me.

And NEW STASH!!! My goodies came this weekend! TOO WICKED COOL!!!!


Patti said...

Oh they can be such brats when they know they can get away with it - and sometimes they just have to try anways. My Artiz used to try the same tricks - including spooking at anything and everything to try and unseat me. Looks like she had fun anyways.

Red said...

Sounds familiar...not sure if you caught my blog entry on the 7th. Next ride will consist of a crop in my hand which I hardly ever use...but all Johnny needs is a little tap from it and it seems to conjure up some bad "breaking" memories...REAL FAST! It's good you didn't take any chances...too many people do. Thanks for the pic of your guy...they are the best animals!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Awesome stash items the Village seems to be very popular I just may have to give in a get it too. Happy Stitching, CJ

KarenV said...

Fabulous stash Joanie! I'm so jealous because I'm still waiting for my Village chart and fabric - hopefully it'll come soon.

Von said...

I see lots of bloggers getting started on the Village. :D You have quite a nice pile of new stash there. Enjoy!