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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What is it about 19 year old boy-men

Grr-rr-rrrr-r... the boy child is riding my only nerve tonight and it is rather RAW. He and his buddies had a rocking time playing 2 solid days of paintball this weekend. When he got home on Sunday, everything and I mean everything got dropped in my livingroom. Now, mind you, this boy-man could outpack Susanne Sugarbaker on her BEST day. Boxes, bags, duffles, sleeping gear, camping gear, paintball gear. GEAR, GEAR, GEAR, piled in my livingroom since SUNDAY night. And my car, well, just let me say that it smells like dirty, wet socks and it's just a messy. Now, I believe the heat has brought out the worst in me and I currently have the patience of a half baked gnat. And being the sweet person that I can be, I asked him NICELY to please clean up the MESS before I had the opportunity, which he would not relish the results. I got a snide look, he rolled his eyes at me and then proceeded to grudgingly pick up his pile of stuff.

Sigh, I feel like Attila the Hun's mother, just as mean and just as ugly.

Pressure everywhere, work, home, contractor, house, kid, husband...I need a Calgon moment.

And then, there was this post on Legacy about what happens to your stash after you die. That post was sobering. My stash would probably end up in the landfill as no one even has a clue that it's literally worth thousands. The DH thinks it's a hobby. My son is only interested in my finished work, which actually is very nice. My SIL commented that I had enough to start my own shop (well, yeah, and it's all one of a kind). I can't leave it to her as her tastes differ greatly from my own. I am thinking that I will give it all to the EGA and let them duke it out.

I wish it were cooler and I could stitch. I think it would make me feel better.

Sorry for the rant. I broke my promise to myself to only post NICE things. Oh well.


The Queen's Stitch said...

Oh Joanie - I hear you loud and clear. My boy is only 2 but he has more "stuff" than I do. I'm trying to teach him to put it away rather than just doing it myself. I feel I'm in for a 20-year battle there. My husband also has a rather annoying habit of putting things away right next to where they actually belong! So close and yet so far.

Some suggestions for stash - make sure your husband knows who to give it to or put it in your will. The EGA is a great place to gift stash. My husband knows that all of my stash goes to my best friend (who's also my best stitching friend and who I know will treasure my things). Also, you can write on the backs of your framed finished works who they should go to. Of course, if you don't know anyone to leave your stash to, I will selflessly volunteer to give it a good home. :) Of course, you don't know me, but we stitchers are all friends of the heart, right?

Von said...

Joanie, I'm sooooo familiar with this complaint! My 21 and 15 yo sons share a bedroom and just this week got fed up, once again, with the way they (don't) care for their clothes. We had another teaching session and went thru the closet rearranging and cleaning, then hit the drawers. Argh! But then, I'm also going thru the same with 18 yo daughter. Trying to concentrate on these older ones to get into some good routines that will carry them into their own homes someday.

Cathy said...

Well, I guess I can relate. My 16 years old tracked tar in the house last week. Down the oak steps, across the hallway rugs, and into his bedroom. I was in such a good mood after discovering it. NOT! We still love them though, don't we?

Kim said...

Joanie I feel your pain! I'm dealing with a 20 year old like that...well...kinda! Our dilema with him is that he just will NOT get a job. I think we're going to have to show him the door. This will be "show him the door #2". I can totally relate to needing a Calgon moment and wanting to stitch! :o)

Lelia said...

OH, you wrote exactly how I feel -- dealing with 14yo, 16yo, nearly 20yo -- and the pig stys they call 'rooms'. Argh. I try to keep the common areas of the house free of clutter & I get annoyed with their "stuff" accumulates.

Their rooms are so full of krap, they drag everything out for ME to view. I can't stand it.

I don't know what to do with my stitching stash -- I have thought about it. I'm thinking that I have to appoint one friend to haul it all out & put it on e-bay. That way, my stitching pals can buy it & the $$ will go back to my family.

As for the things I've made, I don't thing any of them care a whit about them. Maybe after I'm dead, they will have a couple items as keepsakes. Who knows?

Hang in there ... eventually our kids will leave the nest ... right? They will leave, right???

Joanie said...

Well...based on your posts, I find that I am NOT alone in my quest to keep at least the *family zones* in my house clutter free.
As far as the kid's room goes, I just shut the door! If he wants to live in a sty then that's his choice.
Thanks for all your comments!