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Friday, July 08, 2005

And the hay saga continues....

Yesterday, the rain stopped mid-morning and since this hay was in the sellers barn we decided to put it in. Which meant that David had to unstack their wagons, restack onto a truck that we rented, (a moving van, yes, our hay travels first class...)and then unload it in our barn. I got the job of unloading it in our barn. Actually, I unloaded the hay from the moving van onto the hay elevator and David stacked it in the hay mow. Like I said, buying hay this way is pricey and labor intensive. I moved 215 bales yesterday, that translated into 3 moving van loads. We have to purchase another 150 bale and then we will be done. Yeah. The ponies won't starve this winter.

I have the weekend to myself. My husband is joining the son to play paintball in PA for the weekend. It's the annual weekend of playing *Hide & Seek with guns*. Great, have at it.

Me? I am going to sit and stitch. After all, I have a screaming sampler, a wimpering exchange piece and a mumbling Quaker sampler begging for my attention. What more could a girl ask for? I plan on taking care of the critters and then cozying up with needle and said needlework for a glorious 12-14 hours tomorrow into Sunday. That's if the foyer doesn't beg me to paint it. I did buy the paint to do that this weekend, didn't I? Ugh....La-la-la...I have my fingers in my ears and I can't hear the foyer or the paint. Hey, this was my unplanned vacation week, I cleaned the basement, put in hay and cleaned the barn all this! Haven't I earned a little fun? Next weekend, I will paint.


Terri said...

Hiya! and congratulations on your blog. I love blogging have added you to my blogroll :) Have a great weekend.

Joanie said...

Hey Terri! Thanks for helping out and I think it's cool that you added me to your blogroll. Keep coming back to my life is always an adventure. :-)