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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Not much stitching over the weekend was a very nice weekend, not much leisure time unless you count the fireworks last night. I only stitched a little bit cause Mike and Charlie's friend Erin was here from someplace East of here,near Albany.
I enjoyed having them here, it's a great time to be a teenager. Makes me kinda wonder where all that exuberance and spirit finances and mortgages marriage and jobs over take those high feelings and kill them? I remember being that age, stepping across the threshold into adultworld and thinking that I knew all the answers and could overcome any obstacle that stood in my way. But life has a way of being wears you down until you are left with broken dreams and promises and a mortgage, a marriage, no money and a precarious employment outlook.

I liked Erin, she reminds me of what I was like when I was 16, I was not as mature, but just as inquisitive and droll and interested in things not of the norm. She, however, knows her mind, me at 16, well, I was trying on personas and trying not to get trampled by my family, who was unhappy at my happiness. Just wait, I was told, Life's gonna get you...and ya know what? It did. Cause I let it. So my wish for you, dear Erin and Mikey and Charlie, is that you kick Life in the ass and live it on your own terms. And Mike, I promise I won't stand in your way.

SO, this weekend, I gained an honorary daughter to add to my collection of honorary children. Erin, here's to you, kid.

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