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Friday, July 08, 2005

It was a rodeo

Silly me. This evening when I was cleaning the barn,I put out our grey mare, Peaches, in the round pen. I then decided to put Maggie out with her, cause none of the horses have been out of the barn for about a week. It's been buggy, hot and humid during the day and raining in the evenings. What a BIG MISTAKE!!! I forgot that Peaches is the dominate mare. I thought it was odd that Maggie wouldn't lead into the pen. THEN I REALIZED WHY!!! Peaches decided to charge us. Oh! They got into a kicking match and I was between them. Well, I felt the wind rush by my head and realized that I was way close to being kicked. So Maggie and I high tailed it out the gate. Maggie then decided that it was time to go after Peaches (she is so brave outside the pen) but since I was holding on to her, she decided to rear up. Bad thing to happen! Maggie was snorting and Peaches was tossing her head and snorting back. So, I decided to put Maggie back into the barn. She was not a happy horse and all we did was spin in circles. Finally, back in the barn. I wasn't scared, just mad at my stupidity. Because they get a long I didn't think that it mattered WHO went out first. So I had 2 unhappy horses and upset the natural balance of their universe by forgetting that the grey mare is the Queen of Everything.

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