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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Damn Rain

We were supposed to put in hay today but it's RAINING. Can't put in wet hay cause it MOLDS. Horses get sick on moldy hay so it's not looking like the best day to do this. David is terribly frustrated now, and that's bad cause it sets the atmosphere on edge. It would be a great rain if we didn't have PLANS.David will not be home this weekend either, so that pushes everything out until next week. This is the latest we ever got hay. It's pricey and scarce this year.

I am very tired today, my body is achey. Even coffee didn't help me. I need to get busy and take advantage of the day, I should return to our dungeon of a basement and clean some more or at least do some of the housework (ick). I just want to read or stitch. The Time and Seasons sampler is screaming loudly from the coffeetable. The Sampler House exchange piece is whimpering on the lamptable and the Quaker RR is mumbling something unintelligable from it's plastic bag...blech.

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